Blooming Scientists is our homeschooling parent community where you’ll find suggestions to increase your child’s learning, ideas to get more out of your science lessons, and ways to build unit studies for other subjects from science lessons.

Why use science as the basis for other subjects? Science is all around us, in every invention and everything we see. It is us. Science is also what children naturally love doing: collecting bugs, planting flowers, watching clouds, training a puppy, or looking at rainbows. Our natural curiosity motivates us to learn about science. That motivation will move through other subjects, creating greater learning opportunities and making teaching easier. Isn’t that what we all want?

Over the next few months, you’ll see our community grow. The foundation is learning: understanding how children learn, how to increase creativity, adapt for learning styles, and develop critical thinking.

We believe the Nancy Larson® Science programs are the best homeschool curricula available for children 5–11. The programs provide both solid science content and reading strategies, with engaging activities. That’s the basis for developing other curricula areas. Why should each subject be isolated and separate? Our lives and world are integrated. We multi-task our learning and experiences everyday. So, we’ll create integrated learning for each science lesson.

Every community needs a town crier to announce the news, and Blooming Scientists is ours. We’ll let you know where you can meet us. Over the next six months, we’ll be exhibiting at many homeschool conferences. We’d love to visit with you at these. Please check the dates and locations.

With spring, Nancy’s Garden comes alive with color and fragrance. If you’d like help getting your garden blooming, let us know. The master gardener that created Nancy’s Garden is available to help.

Daisy and Maisy are our Cool and Curious Science Cats, full of ideas, knowledge and mischief. They are always in the middle of everything science. If you need specific science information or help understanding a concept, let the Science Cats help.

Great ideas bloom everywhere. We’d like to know what you’ve done. It’s all about sharing. Give someone a flower, they feel good. Give someone a great idea, and their children will bloom! We want to increase blooms and Blooming Scientists everywhere.

The architects of this community are the authors, scientists, teachers, and home school parents of Nancy Larson Publishers—the people who create Nancy Larson® Science programs. We want to build this community for you and with you. Good architects listen to the client. We want to listen to you. We invite your questions and your ideas. So please let us know how we can help your “blooming scientists.”

—Madon Dailey

Madon Dailey