Midwest Homeschool Expo at Cincinnati, Ohio

We had a terrific time meeting homeschool families in Cincinnati at the Midwest Expo, April 8–10. Arielle Corcoran, who was the chairperson of the Expo, said approximately 10,000 homeschoolers attended that weekend. Others said the Expo was fifty per cent bigger than last year. I’m not sure about the exact figures. I do know we had a steady stream of visitors all weekend. It was a great time!

Madon Dailey and Kathy Tabor
Kathy Tabor joined me at the Nancy Larson Publishers’ booth. Kathy lives near Columbus, Ohio.
Kathy taught for many years and has personal success stories using the strategies Nancy has written into the science programs.
We had a very special guest, Patty Betounes, a homeschool mom from Hebron, Ohio. Patty is using Science 3 with her eleven-year-old son. She called our office and shared how much she enjoys teaching Nancy Larson® Science.
Patty then volunteered to visit with other parents and tell them her story. It was so exciting to hear her tell about the success her son is having using our program. We were thrilled that she joined us in Cincinnati.
Our Nancy Larson® Science program is age appropriate for children 5–11. Nancy chose the topics for each program around a child’s natural curiosity. Homeschooling parents can group their children in the program. It’s easier, takes less time to teach, and frees parents to handle other needs.

Our next homeschool conference is in Kansas City, Missouri at the KCI Expo. I hope we get to “Meet & Greet” you there!

–-Madon Dailey
Madon Dailey

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