Daisy and Maisy invite you to celebrate Earth Day!

It was a sunny spring day in Connecticut. Daisy was intently looking out the door at the outside world. There were birds enjoying seeds in the bird feeders, breezes moving the grass, and bees buzzing in the flower garden.
Surely, this would keep Daisy busy, but not our Curious Science Cat. Daisy calls Maisy to come and join her and plan their next mission.
While they look out the window, Maisy says to Daisy 'Hey! You know that Earth Day is coming soon.' Daisy replies, 'Yes! That’s it!'
Daisy crawls up into Nancy’s arms. She has her right where she wants her.
Daisy purrs into Nancy’s ear, 'Earth Day is coming on April 22. It will be the 40th Earth Day. Let’s make it special. We want to help children learn about protecting and preserving the Earth. What can we do, Nancy?'

Nancy had just the answer. “We’ll give all the homeschool children our Earth Day lessons from Science 1, 2, and 3. Their families can learn about Earth Day together.”

“Purrrfect!” thought Daisy and Maisy.

Earth Day is April 22. Enjoy these Earth Day lessons from Nancy Larson® Science.

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