Food or Fantasy—Story Starters and a New Look at Plants

I admit there are vegetables that I’ve only met at the supermarket, seeing them arranged under the misters. To see them growing this summer was quite a treat. Before they are trimmed and preened for the grocer, vegetables can look like something quite different. So if you’re looking for creative writing ideas, look no farther than your garden and yard for story starters. Just look with an open mind and an eager eye to see what wonders are there .

What kind of mystical land would include these plants?

"Feed me, Seymour!"

Little Shop of Horrors understudies to the star?

Medusa's hair?

The Original Cabbage Patch Kids
Red Cabbage

Savoy Cabbage

Dancing with Trees – the tango
Is it a Pin Cushion?
Or a yucca?

Cotton Candy Tree

If cotton candy grew on trees, what kind of summer job would you have? (Forget the lemonade stand.)

Octopus Tree

Is it the guardian, the protector or the gate? Perhaps it is all three. What would it guard? Who would it protect? How would you open the gate? What would you find beyond?


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