Keep America Beautiful – Monday, November 15

   “I Recycle” is the theme of Keep America Beautiful’s America Recycles Day. This nationally-recognized initiative, which takes place on November 15, is dedicated to encouraging people to recycle more at home, at work, and on the go. Read more>

Autumn is the perfect time to observe Nature recycling and reusing resources. Every leaf that falls replenishes and enriches the ground. New life will spring from this nourishment. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost. It’s a perfect balance. In our progress and lifestyles, we’ve tipped the scales. We all own a part of this problem, so let’s own a part of the solution.

Next Monday is the day to begin and to practice creating more beauty and less waste. What’s going on in your community? The Keep America Beautiful site has examples of projects large and small to give you ideas. There’s a special page for kids with hints, games and tips to keep your community clean.  This week I spoke to Philicia, our local affiliate, to see what’s happening.

Philicia explained that our county is reviving a moneymaking idea that worked forty years ago to build a better zoo and combining that with recycling—Operation Noah’s Ark. Children and families are bringing their aluminum cans to the zoo parking lot this weekend. Our zoo, County Recycling and Keep America Beautiful have partnered together so all proceeds will go directly to benefit the zoo. When they originally collected soup labels for Operation Noah’s Ark, the children collected enough labels to purchase several lions. Wow, that’s a lot of labels and dedicated children. Let’s see what our aluminum cans can do now.

“Zoos are doing more—much more—than simply exhibiting animals for educational purposes, conserving wildlife around the world, or propagating endangered species for the future. Zoos are creating memories.” — Gary K. Clarke, first president, AAZPA

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get your family excited about recycling, tie it to something that helps everyone. Tie it to the animals. Homeschool families are voices of influence. You have a dedication and visible commitment to your family and community. Extend that and see what partners you have.

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