Traditions—What Are Yours?

Thanksgiving and upcoming holidays are stuffed with traditions, whether it’s the music, the decorations, the food, the trips, or the shopping. Each family has certain expectations of what the holiday will bring. When they were young, I asked our children, “What makes a tradition?” Their answer was easy: “When you do something two times in a row.”  So what are our traditions? Creamed onions, Red Hots applesauce, mashed sweet potatoes, cooking together all day, and making the placemats.

Jen in Florida wants to share family traditions. Early in the morning, her family fixes French toast stuffed with cream cheese and berries. Then they help cook, serve, and deliver meals for the community dinner. It’s a tradition they started eight years ago, and it’s become part of every Thanksgiving since. By giving their time, they get many “Thanks” back.

Special days are coming, and it only takes doing something two times in a row to make it a tradition. So what are your traditions? Your traditions could inspire others. If you have recipes, craft ideas, or photos, we’d love to see them.

2 thoughts on “Traditions”

  1. We have many traditions, for Thanksgiving we often have a Thankfulness Tree. At Christmas everyone gets or makes a new ornament for the tree, and we play “Secret Santa” for someone for ther 12 days of Christmas!!

  2. A Thankfulness tree! What a wonderful idea, and secret Santas are always fun. It’s hard to keep children grounded during the holidays and thinking of others. Secret Santa for the 12 Days of Christmas is perfect.
    What kind of ornaments do you make? I’d love to share different homemade ornaments with our families. I hope to have a post with photos of ornaments and instructions.

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