Let’s Make Ornaments


Snowman Ornament

  I make these with any holiday trims, miniatures and ribbons

  I  can find. Here I used snowmen. You can change materials

  as you like, and omit the salt if you don’t want a snowy scene.


What you need:


Small clear plastic containers w/lids: 

I use Artists Cups from Hobby Lobby.

Small holiday figurines: These are usually

for gift wrapping or miniature trees.

Salt, White Glue, Toothpick, and Scissors 

Narrow ribbon:  I used satin ribbon because 

it’s lightweight and easy to handle.

 Let’s Put It Together


Make a puddle of glue in the lid and spread

to cover entire lid bottom.

Place figurine in the lid.


Sprinkle salt over figurine while glue is wet,

for a snowy landscape.

Use toothpick to remove any salt from

crevice of lid.


Cut ribbon into two 5-6 inch pieces. One will

be the holder. The other trims the bottom

of the plastic container. Glue one end of the

 holder ribbon and half of the trim ribbon to

bottom of container. Dry for fifteen minutes.

Glue the other end of the holder halfway

around the edge and finish gluing

 trim ribbon to bottom edge of container.

Scissors make a great rack for drying.


Add extra salt to the container.

Place lid on container.

Gently press with palm until it “snaps”.



Happy Holidays!

Madon Dailey, Homeschool Manager, Nancy Larson Science

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