Reindeer and Word Walls


One of the ornaments we made in December was a reindeer. The reindeer clips on a tree branch and holds a Christmas card. Mason (5), Anthony (4), and Nolan (3) helped make these one afternoon. Later, Anna (10) and Garrett (11) made extra reindeer during a break from our Science 3 lessons.

 Well, the holidays are over, but the work never ends for these reindeer. It’s cold and snowy here, so they decided to hang around for another month or so. Below, you’ll see the children making the ornaments, and then the industrious reindeer helping with our Science 2 lessons.


For the reindeer, you need:


wiggly eyes,

a sequin,

a brown pipe cleaner (fuzzy stick),


and scissors.

I put the glue in small jar lid and

used toothpicks to spread it.




Use a toothpick to make a line of glue for the eyes.

The glue line will be above the metal bar and go across the clothespin. Place the two wiggly eyes on the glue line.


Make a dot of glue under the metal bar.

This glue dot is for the nose. Use a sequin for the nose. We had a lot of Rudolphs.


One brown pipe cleaner makes the antlers.First cut in it half, then cut one piece in half again. You’ll have a total of three pieces.

Bend the long piece in the middle. Then twist it tight around the backside of the clothespin, near the top.



Bend each short piece in half and twist each around one long antler.


Garrett and Anna had the idea of using magnets and having the reindeer hold more than holiday cards. They made a herd of reindeer that really stick to their work.


After we made one reindeer together, I had the young boys make another one by themselves. It was a chance to see if they remembered the steps and would use their first reindeer as a sample. Here’s the results.

Mason is serious about details. Mason is a master reindeer maker.
You can see how focused Anthony is on getting it exactly right. Success. Here are the two matching reindeer.
Nolan studies his reindeer for accuracy. Perfect. Here’s the reindeer he did all by himself.
Reindeer holding card on the tree. We did it. Now on to our next task.

I liked Anna and Garrett’s ideas for letting the reindeer do more. 

To help the reindeer stick around, glue a piece of magnetic tape on the back of the clothespin. Ready and willing to work. We use the refrigerator or a magnetic board for our word wall.



Here our word wall reindeer are working hard and hanging around.


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