Snowing Feathers

It’s snowing feathers, or is it?

It’s January and another winter storm is here. The snow is falling in gentle clusters like downy feathers shaken from a celestial pillow. Yep, there are icy feathers falling to the earth—watch them on this link.







But, I thought snowflakes were six-sided. How do they become feathery clusters? I wanted to know. So, I went outside with a red silicone baking sheet, the kind that is used to roll out pie crusts or line a cookie sheet. I laid it on a level spot and watched. As the snow feather clusters drifted down and landed, they separated. Like friends holding hands they landed, then let go. Some tumbled in a heap together. Others landed individually.

You can watch them on this link. From a distance, it was just snowy feathers.


 Then, I looked closer.















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