Feed the Birds

In 1964, we learned to “say the biggest word I ever heard—supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from Mary Poppins, who was just about the most amazing nanny ever. One song from the movie relayed the theme and message of the movie, “Feed the Birds.” It was Walt Disney’s favorite song and the first song written about the merits of charity and caring for others. 

Winter’s frigid temperatures cause me to worry about our feathered neighbors, and charity starts at home. So, today we’ll make pine cone treats and feed the birds.

What you need: pine cones, peanut butter, wild birdseed, twine, and plastic zip tie (optional).

Cut pieces of twine into 24” pieces.

Starting about 8” from the end of the twine, wrap it twice around each pine cone, make a simple knot to hold the twine in place, and tie the ends of the twine together. This is the tree hanger.



Pretend you are finger-painting with peanut butter and thoroughly “paint” the pine cone. This is a treat, painting with peanut butter. Be sure to push peanut butter into the crevices and indentations of the pine cone.



Hold the pine cone over a bowl to catch falling birdseed, then pour birdseed over the pine cone, turning it so all surfaces are covered.


Push extra birdseed into the pine cone so that it’s completely covered with seeds.



Use the twine loop to hang the pine cone over the tree branches. I always look for a short, sturdy stub of branch that’s been pruned. You can also add a plastic zip tie to the twine loop. Be sure to leave a good loop on the zip tie. Zip-tie loops are great for hanging ornaments, bird feeders, and pine cones in trees.



The birds seem to love these treats. We decorated our weeping mulberry tree with the pine cones, and then we watched.




These two were taking turns eating and watching out for the other.


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