What to do with a Half Eaten Apple

When the boys went shopping, they came home with the biggest apples ever! They are beautiful. And, they are big. So what happens when young boys want an enormous apple for a snack? Guess?



 It was just too much apple left to toss, and no one wanted it. So, I decided to give it to our feathery neighbors. When this happens in your house, have the children repurpose and share with your neighbors.

What’s Needed:

Half-eaten apple                                              Twine

Peanut butter                                                   Plastic zip tie

Wooden or metal skewer                                Wild birdseed

Scissors to cut twine                                        Plastic bowl to catch birdseed

I’m omitting the written instructions. This is a learning opportunity for the children to learn by using visual instructions, and have everything they need to complete the apple birdfeeders. If they have problems, please let me know.





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