Coffee to Flowers

From Coffee to Flowers

The best ideas come from you. Here’s one that nine-year-old Drew shared this week.

Our family gets coffee grinds from PT’s (coffee shop) and uses these in our composting. We studied seeds and flowers in Nancy Larson Science 1, so we planted seeds in our compost soil to see how they’d grow. We used regular dirt and the compost soil to see which one grew best.

When the flowers were big enough, we put each one in its own pot with the compost soil. Then we wrote a card with the name of the flower and told how we made new soil by composting. Our church has a list of people who get Meals On Wheels. So we visited them and took each one a flower. They liked our flowers, and we liked making them smile.

What a terrific way of helping children learn about both composting and compassion. Drew’s mom is involving her children in the community and showing us how to combine subjects and concerns in fun ways of learning.

If you want more information on composting, check these websites:

Sierra Club video

Keep America Beautiful

What are you doing? Share your ideas and projects with other homeschool parents. Use the Comments section below, or send an email.

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