New Look, New Program

We’ve changed the look of our exhibit booth, and I wanted to share it with you. We’ll have a separate banner for each program, and you’ll find the booklets and materials for that program displayed by the banner. We will have completed children’s booklets for each program, manipulatives from the tool kit, photo cards, teacher’s manuals, and supplemental books for you to examine. Plus, a parent that uses Nancy Larson® Science will be there to answer questions and tell how the program works for her family.

Our first conference is Memphis, March 3–5. Look for us in Booth #322. See our complete schedule on the Meet and Greet – 2011 Conferences. You’ll see a total of four banners—Yes, four. Our early learner program Science K will be available to review and order. Science K is intended for young children, typically ages 5–7, who aren’t yet reading.


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