A Parent’s Perspective – Science 1

Cindy LaJoy

Cindy LaJoy, homeschool mom of five, journeyed to the Memphis Homeschool Conference to help at our Nancy Larson® Science booth. Cindy was helpful in answering questions and chatting with parents about her experience with Science 1. 
Cindy says, like most parents, she has a bookshelf of science programs she bought and never finished because they required so much extra work on her part. Cindy says Nancy Larson® Science is easy to teach, takes little planning, and includes almost everything. It was the first science program she actually finished.
Cindy allowed me to videotape her while she talked about using our science program with her children.  

This week we head to Greenville, SC for the SouthEast Homeschool Conference. What could be better than St. Patrick’s Day in Greenville?
We’ll be in booth #1420, and I’ll be presenting a workshop Organization 2011 on Thursday at 5:00 P.M.
Patty, who used Science 2 and Science 3 with her son, will be there to answer questions, share stories, and chat. Come by and say “Hi!”.  

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