Earth Day is here!


Daisy  purrs into Nancy’s ear,  “Earth Day is  April 22. Let’s make it special.  

 We want to help children learn how to protect and preserve the Earth. What can we do, Nancy?”     

Nancy comes up with a great idea.  

 “Let’s share the Earth Day lessons from Nancy Larson® Science with all the families we’ve met.”     

Daisy and Maisy think this is "Purrfect".

  Please enjoy these lessons with our compliments.       


Update on Coffee and Flowers

Mason (5) and Nolan (3) helped me with ornaments over the holidays. I told them about children putting used coffee grinds in their gardens to help flowers grow, and they wanted to try it. So, we saved coffee grinds for several days and trekked up the hill to their house to dig in the dirt and spread coffee.

I wanted to share the photos of the boys starting their composting project. This was their first time digging and getting “dirt-y.” Boys and tools are always fun. Every great adventure starts with a small step, and this is the story of theirs. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration for your family.



By the way, we’ve been putting used coffee grinds on our indoor palms and they are loving it—new sprouts and much fuller now.

–– Madon