Birthday Cake for a Blooming Scientist

Angela DeWitt, Minnesota homeschool mom and member of our Parent Support Group, sent this wonderful story and photo. She will be answering questions and helping at the Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference in St Paul on June 3 and 4.

Birthday Cake for My Blooming Scientist

The day before Thomas’ 8th birthday party, I asked him what he had in mind for a cake(I was thinking he would ask for a DQ ice cream cake – I am not very good at baking!).  His response: The periodic table of elements!  This took pretty much all afternoon and evening, but the end result was worth the effort.  I made this using brownie mix in mini-muffin tins, then added the element symbols with colored frosting.  Around midnight I realized that the table I was working from was not the most current, so I made only 111 brownie bites rather than 118.  Thomas noticed this right away when he got up in the morning and pointed out that there are 118 elements on the periodic table, but he was so thrilled with the result that he was okay with it (and he figured none of his guests would notice the mistake!).