Places to Go, People to See: Moorefield Gem Mine

Places to Go: Moorefield Gem Mine, Amelia, VA

I’d like to start sharing good field trips, especially those around science topics.

To start us off, Kathryn Bremner shared this:

I wanted to send you information about the Moorefield Gem Mine in Amelia, Virginia. The link to the website is  It is a GREAT place to find a variety of minerals and a perfect coordinating activity with the mineral study in Science 2.  I’m also including two pictures from our trip.  The Drew loved digging in the dirt, but perhaps his favorite was actually playing in the mud!  Boys will be boys!

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What places have you gone? Please let us know your suggestions and where you’ve been. We love photos and hope you also share those. Send your “Places to Go” to:

Worms Welcome!


When we moved into our home last year, the flower beds were multiple layers of rock and very old scrubs. We had no worms so that tells you it was hard, compacted clay and grew nothing. Throughout the spring, we worked on creating better soil. We shredded newspaper, collected coffee grinds from the local coffee shop, gathered grass clippings, and bought worms from the local bait shop. It was on-the-spot composting, starting with the area by our one struggling mum plant. 

Shred newspaper. Paper, Coffee Grinds, Grass Dig up and remove dirt.
Add paper. Water paper. Add coffee grinds.
Add grass clippings. Add worms.        Cover lightly with soil.

I'm happy to report the flowers and worms are doing great!