Places to Go – Atlanta Airport Art

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport automated people mover is the underground train that helps millons of people make connections between concourses. But if you have the time, take the moving walkway or just walk the distance. You’ll find an amazing sculpture gallery between the T Gates and Concourse A called Zimbabwe: A Tradition in Stone.

The artists create the sculptures with only hand tools, a lot of time, and love of family and country.

Each sculpture is based on themes that are universal to people everywhere—family, parent love, and spirituality. That’s why the exhibit appeals to me, and these are the reasons most people choose to homeschool. I feel the exhibit is a great place to share and learn with your children.

Children everywhere play leap frog.

Along the walls of the exhibit, the photographs give a glimpse of the beauty of Zimbabwe.

Everyday Life and Landscapes of Zimbabwe

Beautiful handcrafted tribal costumes and baskets —I am amazed by intricate work like this.

For a complete profile of the artists and their sculptures, use this link.  The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport offers a lot of art and music for us to enjoy, including the Youth Art Gallery.

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