Where to Find Nature

Where to Find Nature

The Atlanta airport is more than a layover or travel destination. Like most people, I move from one gate to another with a stop for lunch at Moe’s (Gate C-15). But if you look down and around, you’ll see it’s a great place to find minerals and stone. The stone floors and walls are laid out in beautiful patterns.

See the men reflected in the floor.

Do you know what they do for a living?

The colors are different minerals that are molded

into one stone while hot and liquid.

Can you identify the minerals that create this stone?

Slate wall

Slate comes in different colors.

Slate has texture—ridges and bumps.

This is natural stone.

This is man-made stone.

These stones are man-made.

Is this stone natural or man-made?

Look at the natural stone above and how the

colors seem to be in swirls or waves.

Look at the colors on the man-made stone.

Are they in swirls or waves?

What do you see in this close-up that doesn’t

look natural?

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