Beyond the Frame – Climb into the Art

Forget those “Do not touch” signs, here’s an artist that encourages people to be part of the art. After we posted about the Stickwork exhibit, Kelly wrote to tell me how much she and her children enjoyed Beyond the Frame by J. Seward Johnson. Johnson created life-size, and larger, sculptures depicting impressionist paintings. It allows the children to be part of a Manet, or to sit with the people in the Renoir. Enjoy the exhibit and fun with Kelly’s children,

Seward Johnson is dyslexic and struggled in school. He worked in the family business, Johnson & Johnson, until he was fired by his uncle at age thirty-eight. His wife suggested he take an art class, and the rest is history art. Hear him describe his art and story.

I wondered how he makes the sculptures so large and what reaction he hoped people would have to his sculptures. This video answers a lot of questions. He has exhibits and random sculptures in several cities.

Graham, NC Beyond the Frame
Bennington, VT Video of sculptures on the streetMore sculptures in Bennington
Hamilton Twp, NJ Grounds for Sculpture
National Harbor, MD The Awakening

Installing Beyond the Frame was quite an adventure

Art is like science—it’s everywhere and in everything. We simply need to stop, look, and find it. The holiday seasons open many opportunities for art and science to meet and create.



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