Stained Glass Jars Make Great Gifts

Earlier, I showed the stained glass jar I made re-using a jelly jar. Today Jayde (7) and Jordyn (10) start with two pickle jars.

In  Nancy Larson® Science 2, children learn to describe objects by their physical characteristics. One characteristic is whether the object is transparent, translucent, or opaque. With this project, children see the characteristics of a jar change from transparent, to opaque, to translucent, to almost transparent. The final version makes a colorful votive or candy jar that children can give as gifts.
The clean jars are transparent. To
begin the project, coat the jar with white glue.
Now Jordyn’s jar is opaque.
We let the glue dry for several hours or overnight.
The glue is dry and the jars are translucent. We cut white copy paper to fit inside the jars.
Now the girls draw the design they want to
use and color it with markers
Jayde places her paper design
inside the jar to use as a pattern.
Now Jayde uses regular watercolor
markers and colors the outside of the jar.
Her paper design shows her where to color.
Jordyn is intent on following her pattern.
She used several coats of color from
the marker to make the colors more intense.
Jayde removed the paper design
from inside the jar and shows how she
colored the jar to match the paper pattern.
Jayde has colored her jar and is ready
to make the marker color permanent.
We spray the outside of the jars with clear
acrylic varnish and watch the jars go
from translucent back to transparent.
Now that Jordyn’s jar has been
sprayed, it can be hand-washed
in warm water.
We put votive candles in the jars
so the girls could see how the light
shows off their designs.
We used battery-powered
tea lights for safety. The girls
have options for their gifts.
They removed the tea lights.
Then we filled the jars with jelly
belly flops and other candies.
The jars are ready to wrap and give.                                                                        Jordyn has everything ready.

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