Warming Hearts, Hands, and Feet

For me, one of the best ways to bring warmth to the heart is to help others. Recently, we created holiday wreaths to give warmth to families at the local homeless shelter. This isn’t just for the holidays. Winter is here and there’s always need for warm clothing. You can use any type of wreath— evergreen, grapevine, wire frame, or even a clothes hanger bent into a circle. Decorate it with gloves, socks, scarves, and stuffed animals. Then deliver these to your rescue mission or homeless shelter.

Anthony, Stuart, and Stuart’s mother, Melanie, helped create these wreaths.

We started by tying pieces of ribbon, about 24″ long, evenly spaced around the wreath.

The boys took turns deciding where to put each pair of socks or gloves.  Then Melanie tied the pairs on the wreath, tying the ribbon in a bow, and curling the ends. This makes it easy to remove the items.
We also had some small teddy bears to add. I was able to find these at the Dollar Tree store. For about thirteen dollars per wreath, we created a fun time for the boys and Melanie. It was a good opportunity to talk about giving to others, what it meant to be homeless, how we want to help other people, and put the words into action.


Then we loaded everyone and everything in the car to make the delivery. The boys and Melanie sang and had a great time entertaining us with “A Hippopotamus for Christmas” and other songs I didn’t know.

Our shelter has all donations taken to their distribution center. The gentlemen working there were very gracious about accepting the wreaths. Later, they told me what a good idea they thought the wreaths were. So it was a win-win for everyone.

We topped the afternoon with a trip to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt.

Later in the week Zach, Molly, and their mother, Koren, came by for a visit. They made a wreath with their favorite school colors.



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