Animals of India

Recently I received some wonderful photos from friends and educators Dr. Roger L Boyd* and his wife Jan who traveled to India. I wanted to share these and some learning ideas with your family.

India is an ancient country with unique animals.
Many are similar to those we study in Nancy Larson® Science.

There are wonderful birds like those in Science 2.



In Science 1, we study animals in their habitats and how the animals use camouflage to protect themselves from other animals.
This little bird is a perfect example.

The next two photos show habitats where deer use
camouflage for protection.

In India cattle are allowed to roam free.
They are not kept in fenced pens or fields.

India is the natural habitat for these monkeys.
India is home to some dangerous reptiles.
Animals you might see in a zoo or circus in North America are at home in India. They are trained and used for work. 

Madon Dailey
Homeschool Manager
Nancy Larson® Science

*Roger L Boyd is Emeritus Professor of Biology at Baker University

Gabreial Wyatt – Nancy Larson Science 2 Review

Gabreial Wyatt is the editor of Vintage Indie Magazine, the on-line source for living a Modern Life with a Vintage Perspective.  Gabreial is using Science 2 this year and writes a quarterly review of the program.

Teach Me: Nancy Larson® Science, A Quarterly Review: Part 2
We have been deep into our studies here at the VI house and we have really been enjoying a lot of science. We’re currently studying two different science programs due to interest in our home. Our favorite is still the hands on Nancy Larson Science 2.
Nancy Larson Science 2 is hands on, set at an easy pace and the teacher’s manual is a breeze to follow. The children aren’t content with just one lesson and we find ourselves doing 2-4 in any given day. While my second grader appreciates the pace of this science program, my oldest 5th grader finds it to be slow, but he’s patient with his brother and when it comes to experiment time, they can work together to complete almost the entire lesson together. I find this side by side learning invaluable as my oldest son points out observations and brings a level of excitement to our lessons.

We’ve been privileged to have daddy home with us during bits and pieces of this winter and he’s jumped right into our science lessons with us. He’s commented on how nice the entire set up is. With almost all of the supplies you need coming in a kit as well as the student and teacher’s manuals that are easy to follow, there is almost no reason why anyone couldn’t teach science with this set up.
This program is definitely geared more towards the elementary level as is explained on their website. There are also ample preview lessons and ways for you to gauge if this program is right for you.

Circular Magnets

Magnet Train with Paper Clips

Making Magnets Jump
One of our favorite lessons has been on magnets. We’ve studied them front and back, pole to pole and have expanded our learning to experimenting on our own after completing the lesson. I love when learning goes this way for us. The children are so engaged that their interest leads them to investigate and explore their own hypothesis. The leads to a longer science day and even week when we explore further on line or at the library.
I have to say I’m completely pleased with this science program. It has proven to be a valuable source of education in our home. Even though the pace seems easy at times, I know they are getting the information with the followup lesson worksheets. I feel that this pace ensures comprehension with my second grader and keeps his interest at its peak.Truth in Review: Nancy Larson Science did provide us with the curriculum in exchange for our review.  We were not paid for any contents of our review or required any certain text within the review. We speak truly from our hearts and hope that you and your family will gain trust from Vintage Indie reviews so that you may enjoy learning opportunities like this one and more.  All reviews posted by me are truthful in content and not bought. Gabreial Wyatt, editor in chief.

Gabreial Wyatt – Science 2, Open the Box

 Teach Me: Nancy Larson® Science, A Quarterly Review: Part 1

Gabreial Wyatt is the editor of Vintage Indie™ Magazine, the on-line source for living a Modern Life with a Vintage Perspective™.  Gabreial is using Science 2 this year and wrote the following quarterly review of the program.Good afternoon everyone!
I wanted to tell you about a new venture that I’m diving into with my children here at Vintage Indie. We are starting a new to us science curriculum this year by Nancy Larson Science. It is my goal to make this review a quarterly editorial so that you can see our progression, as well as hear of any pros/cons throughout our process.
I hope this in-depth look will better help those  who are looking for a new science curriculum make a (often times costly) decision based on “real-life” experience.
Although I know each child learns differently, it is important to see how educational materials look in real-life situations. You’ll be hearing from both my children and me throughout this process. I want to thank Nancy Larson Science in advance for working with Vintage Indie to provide these materials.
Part 1: Overview of Nancy Larson Science 2
“Nancy Larson Publishers is proud to bring you Nancy Larson® Science 2. It is a comprehensive and creative approach to elementary science where sophisticated topics are explored in age-appropriate ways”
Comprehensive, hands-on and everything is in a kit! “Sold!” Just kidding, but it is true, it was the “everything in a kit”  that was the spark that ignited my (non-creative) flame. When I first heard those words, I didn’t truly believe everything was included, but along with the Teacher’s Manual comes the Student Materials and Resource Materials, all together in one box! After visiting their website further I read over the teacher’s manual samples fully. Let’s face it, if I can’t get it from a sample, how will my kids understand it?
So this is the story of our journey on Nancy Larson Science 2. If you’re a non “hands-on” kind of mom/teacher like me, hopefully you’ll have a better understanding of how hands on this curriculum is and how it works. Personally, I’m very excited to get started and I truly enjoy teaching most when my children are enthusiastic about learning.
Box Day:
How many of you like getting packages in the mail? Truly I can’t be the only one! The day had come when our kit arrived. Everything we needed for this year’s science was in the box. The kids could hardly wait to get started.
Teacher’s View: I only have pros so far. I really love that everything is together, shipping was fast and I don’t have to prep hardly anything at all. At least in the first couple of lessons. I’ve started to read through the teacher’s manual and find the wording and explanation, even the dialogue to use with the children very easy, and thorough. The kit comes with a CD to print out needed worksheets or the children have the option of copying the information onto copy paper. You can also make a photocopy of the worksheets from the Teacher’s Manual if you need to.

Student’s View Grade 2:
We haven’t done very much in our science yet, but my youngest loves it so far and asks to do science every day.
Student’s View Grade 5:
We’re using the same curriculum for both children. So far only a few pages in, this is very easy for my 5th grader. He’s OK with it and he has learned some new vocabulary so, we’ll see. He also asks if we can do science every day.
Until next time, head over to Nancy Larson Science if you would like more information.

Jolanthe Erb’s Update on Science 2

I met Jolanthe in 2010 at the HEAV conference. She is a remarkable homeschool mom, author, blogger, creative thinker, and friend. She shares her homeschool ideas and stories at Homeschool Creations. Last year Jolanthe used Nancy Larson® Science 1 with her children. This year they are working through Science 2.

Recently, Jolanthe posted this update full of photos and details.