Animals of India

Recently I received some wonderful photos from friends and educators Dr. Roger L Boyd* and his wife Jan who traveled to India. I wanted to share these and some learning ideas with your family.

India is an ancient country with unique animals.
Many are similar to those we study in Nancy Larson® Science.

There are wonderful birds like those in Science 2.



In Science 1, we study animals in their habitats and how the animals use camouflage to protect themselves from other animals.
This little bird is a perfect example.

The next two photos show habitats where deer use
camouflage for protection.

In India cattle are allowed to roam free.
They are not kept in fenced pens or fields.

India is the natural habitat for these monkeys.
India is home to some dangerous reptiles.
Animals you might see in a zoo or circus in North America are at home in India. They are trained and used for work. 

Madon Dailey
Homeschool Manager
Nancy Larson® Science

*Roger L Boyd is Emeritus Professor of Biology at Baker University

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