Connie S – We Love Science 2

Thank you, Nancy, for your wonderful curriculum! We are on Science 2 and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Before your program, my daughter dreaded science, but now literally asks to do science. What a turn-around!! Also, driving down the road a few weeks ago, my daughter blurts out, “Hey, that is a deciduous tree!” (I was thrilled to know she remembered that from Science 1, and my husband was pretty impressed as well.) Thank you!

Our first two years of homeschooling, I could not find a science curriculum that I was happy with so I prepared all of our lessons. Wow! What an undertaking that was. That, coupled with the fact that my daughter was not thrilled about science, meant it was usually the last thing we got around to. You can understand my excitement when I came across the Nancy Larson program at our local homeschool convention. It looked like what I had been searching for. I did my research and was amazed by the number of positive reviews and how much parents liked this program.

We are now on Science 2 and my daughter actually looks forward to science. The lessons are scripted out which makes it easy on me.

Most of the items needed come in the kit and what is not in there is pretty simple to come across. The items that come in the kit are REALLY neat and provide good hands-on learning opportunities.

My daughter always brightens up when she sees me pulling items out of our science kit. The activities in the booklets are a good way to reinforce the lesson along with the review sheets.

I have been super pleased with Nancy Larson® Science and recommend it often. Not only will I be ordering Science 3 next year for my daughter, but I will be ordering Science K for my son who will be starting school next year.

Dancing and Science K

Elizabeth of Creative Learning Fun updated her review of Science K, including a wonderful video Dancing to Science K.

For science, we are still really loving Nancy Larson Science K curriculum! Science is her absolute favorite part of her school day. If you missed the review I did for Nancy Larson Science K, you can check it out here: My Review

We finished up talking about our senses and then moved on to talking about ways to keep our bodies healthy. The curriculum comes with this really fun fitness CD that Pumpkin LOVES! We did the first two songs this week and Pumpkin has a blast. It’s also really hilarious to watch her try to do jumping jacks during the second song.

 Drawing in her senses book
She is laughing at her drawing.. 🙂
So much fun!!
Working on her booklet for the lesson
Her drawing in the booklet. She is jumping on a trampoline.
She is still loving the foam blocks too!
Here is a video sample of Pumpkin working out with the Fitness Fun CD:
I just can’t say enough awesome things about the Nancy Larson Science K curriculum. It is always so much fun and I am amazed at how much she is really learning with it. 🙂
Here are some more random pictures from our week:
Such a busy week, but tons of fun! I hope you had a wonderful week too!
~ Elizabeth

Yvana: Review and First Impressions of Science 1

Yvana Hernandez of Grant Us Wisdom shared her first review of Science 1.

It is that time again, time to think about what we will be using for curriculum next year.  I have been researching, reading, and asking other moms what they will be using.  I am pretty sure of most of what I will be using, but there are a couple of changes I want to make. SCIENCE is something I have been thinking about a lot, since this is a favorite subject of both of my little students.

I was quite pleased when the folks over at Nancy Larson Science agreed to let us review their Science 1 curriculum.  The day the box arrived nobody paid much attention to it, mostly because some of us were just getting over the flu and some of us were still quite sick.  The box sat for a couple of days, until it was finally discovered.


Both Little Princess and Little Knight 

wanted to get into it, and they did.

This is what they found in it. The kit comes with:
A tool kit that includes-pine cones, tree cookie, hand lens, x-ray set, Live Butterfly Garden®, Butterfly Larvae Coupon, Ladybug Land™, Ladybug Larvae Coupon, insect learning cards, plastic insects and spiders set, and the following books: What Do Scientists Do?Peterson First Guide to TreesTrees to PaperFamiliar Insects and SpidersYour Insides, and The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree (As described on the Nancy Larson website).

It also comes with a Teacher’s Manual,  Student Materials, and added Resources Materials. You can take a look at their website to look at each of these items more closely.

Once we had taken everything out of the box they each proceeded to pick their favorite item, at least the one that made their favorite first impression. Little Princess really enjoys being read to, so I was not surprised that she picked up a book.
Little Knight was so excited about the x-rays, and he immediately announced that this was his favorite item. Again, I was not surprised.  I have never heard another child talk so much about how interesting a trip to the ER is, or how you need to look at your arm when you are having blood taken out because you don’t want to miss anything. Maybe he is going to be a doctor.
Even our littlest guy picked himself a favorite item.  I wonder what he will think when it actually has live lady bugs in it?
We were all very excited to receive our new Science Curriculum, and opening the box was quite enjoyable, I think it almost felt like Christmas.
That same evening we sat down to work on a bit of it. To tell you the truth I was not impressed by it at first.  My first impression was that it was too simplistic and that both of my little ones could do much more.  Why this first impression you may ask? Well, since we are involved in Classical Conversations the science we talk about there is sometimes at a higher academic level, and you know what? Although Little Knight can memorize all of the science grammar, at times he has a difficult time understanding it. Little Princess has both a difficult time understanding and retaining the CC science information, but that is o.k. because they will get a chance to revisit that information again as the cycles return. (For more on Classical Conversations you can visit their site here). As I continued to review the teacher manual and we continued to work on the lessons (I had to give it a fair shot), I realized that it actually is very well written and both Little Princess and Little Knight are enjoying it very much.  They constantly ask to do another lesson and are usually not satisfied with doing only one. We are currently on lesson 7 and so far, this Science curriculum is actually a good addition to our homeschool curriculum.
The children have learned about the human stages in the life span. They have observed and talked about Infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, adults and elderly adults.  They have had to write new words and learned the definition for a developmental scientist.  They are engaged during the lessons and eager to respond to the questions. Yes, I think this is actually working for us, and my first impression was simply that, a first impression based on little info.  If you are looking for a new science curriculum I recommend you take a look at Nancy Larson Science Curriculum. In a few weeks I will write another post as we continue to work through our new science curriculum.  We are quite blessed to have a chance to review it and use it. If you want to read more about what we think about it,come back and visit us.

Nancy Larson Recognized as an Expert in Education

Saxon Math and Nancy Larson® Science author to speak on the success of her program at NCTM Research Pre-session meeting on April 24.

Philadelphia, Pa. – (April 9, 2012) – Nancy Larson, renowned author of Saxon Math K-4 and Nancy Larson® Science, will be a featured panelist at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2012 Research Presession on April 24 in Philadelphia.

     Nancy Larson

Larson will be speaking during the session “Curriculum Matters: Why are some curricula more effective?” on the effectiveness of Saxon Math. The methodology Larson used throughout the curriculum was proven effective in a 2009 study.*

“My secret to a successful curriculum is to write for the children and teachers,” Larson said. “Too much of publishing is driven by companies’ marketing plans and profit benchmarks rather than a well thought out and tested curriculum. My focus is on helping children acquire the skills and knowledge to be successful in everyday life.”

“The goal of each math lesson I write is to teach important content using an integrated, incremental approach and to provide the practice necessary for children to master the concepts presented,” Larson said.

While Larson continues to update and improve Saxon Math, she has turned her attention to bringing her curriculum vision to science. Over the past five years, she has worked closely with exemplary teachers and homeschool parents to develop Nancy Larson® Science. The Science K-3 program is currently used in 48 states and 3 other countries, and this summer after four years of field testing, Science 4 will be available. Nancy Larson® Science is a research-based and ideal program for schools looking for an in-depth science program.

“In both curricula, I strive to make the lessons easy for busy teaching parents to teach and engaging for children,” Larson said. “The success comes from a systematic approach that introduces new concepts and reinforces previous lessons. We must resist the disorganized curriculum, or pick-and-choose teaching, aimed solely at meeting state standards or teaching to standardized tests. My teaching techniques ensure concepts will be remembered even after the dismissal bell rings.”

To learn more on Nancy Larson® Science, visit

*To review the study, visit

About Nancy Larson® Science (

The goal of Nancy Larson® Science is to be a comprehensive, hands-on science curriculum that is engaging and challenging for children while being fun and easy for parents to teach. Larson worked closely with classroom teachers and homeschool parents, and incorporated extensive field testing to develop a program that provides children with a solid foundation and the skills needed to be successful in their academic futures. Currently Nancy Larson® Science offers Science K, 1, 2, 3 and this coming summer, Science 4. To learn more on Nancy Larson® Science, visit



Smiles at Greenville

Here we are at the Southeast Great Homeschool Convention in Greenville, SC, March 22-24. These beautiful smiles belong to Mary Beth, Madon, Courtney, and Kelly.

If you love Nancy Larson Science and would like to share your experiences with other parents, let me know. We like to have parents at every conference and there’s time to join the fun. Email for more details:

Memphis and St. Paul This Week

This week on April 12–14 in Memphis or St. Paul, you can visit us, ask your questions, and see and touch the materials in each Nancy Larson® Science program.
Cindy LaJoy will be at the MidSouth Great Homeschool Convention in Memphis, Booth #536. Cindy has taught Science 1, Science 2, and Science 3 with her five children. Julie Higginbotham will visit with parents, answer questions about teaching Science 1,  and provide her perspective.  Cindy and Julie are both terrific ladies and so enthusiastic. Cindy will also host a workshop on Friday 2:30-3:30. She will share her experiences and tell why Nancy Larson® Science works.
Madon Dailey will be at the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE) Conference in St. Paul, Booth #402. Madon can explain how the program works and children get more learning from each lesson. Lessons interweave language arts, critical thinking, study skills, reading, and vocabulary building with the science content. Homeschool mom Erin Cassidy will be sharing her experiences teaching Science 2. Like most parents, she teaches Nancy Larson® Science to multiple children—saving time, and preparation.
The following week on April 19–21, we will be exhibiting at the MidWest Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. Check our complete conference schedule at Meet and Greet – 2012 Conferences.