Connie S – We Love Science 2

Thank you, Nancy, for your wonderful curriculum! We are on Science 2 and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Before your program, my daughter dreaded science, but now literally asks to do science. What a turn-around!! Also, driving down the road a few weeks ago, my daughter blurts out, “Hey, that is a deciduous tree!” (I was thrilled to know she remembered that from Science 1, and my husband was pretty impressed as well.) Thank you!

Our first two years of homeschooling, I could not find a science curriculum that I was happy with so I prepared all of our lessons. Wow! What an undertaking that was. That, coupled with the fact that my daughter was not thrilled about science, meant it was usually the last thing we got around to. You can understand my excitement when I came across the Nancy Larson program at our local homeschool convention. It looked like what I had been searching for. I did my research and was amazed by the number of positive reviews and how much parents liked this program.

We are now on Science 2 and my daughter actually looks forward to science. The lessons are scripted out which makes it easy on me.

Most of the items needed come in the kit and what is not in there is pretty simple to come across. The items that come in the kit are REALLY neat and provide good hands-on learning opportunities.

My daughter always brightens up when she sees me pulling items out of our science kit. The activities in the booklets are a good way to reinforce the lesson along with the review sheets.

I have been super pleased with Nancy Larson® Science and recommend it often. Not only will I be ordering Science 3 next year for my daughter, but I will be ordering Science K for my son who will be starting school next year.

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