Mom! Come look at this!

Marci, The Homeschool Scientist, will be using Nancy Larson® Science 1 this year with her son. She wrote me when the box arrived.

“The science curriculum came in the mail this week. We have lots of deliveries to the door and my son’s job is to open them and sort the contents. He’s a logical/organized/order type kid. Usually, he does his job and then just goes back to what he is doing. Not with this box! He started yelling at me. “Mom! Come look at this! Such cool stuff! Do I get to do science with this?! Now, I’m really excited for school to start!” This is the kid who has been asking if we could have summer break until October. I’m really excited to start school, too. Thanks for adding some anticipation to our homeschool. “

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 1 at The Homeschool Scientist.

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