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Lexi, Cora, and MD Houston IHM 2013


Have you discovered Lexi and her Lextin Academy? Lexi is a homeschool grad who is homeschooling her family of five. Lexi is a very perceptive lady with a wonderful way of writing, listening, and speaking. She’s really a master communicator! If you have children with food allergies, look at Hives in the Kitchen. Lexi has a wealth of resources, recipes, and experiences she shares. I think you’ll enjoy her style and insights.

Recently, Lexi helped me at the IHM Conference in Houston and wrote about her experiences. She shares the questions most parents ask about homeschooling and about Nancy Larson Science programs.

Read the complete list of questions and Lexi’s responses.

Here’s a list of questions and topics that she discussed about Nancy Larson Science:

Why follow the script?

Have you ever tried to teach complicated science concepts to a 7-year-old with a toddler and preschooler running loose? I follow the script because it builds on itself and has a wonderful incremental approach. I also use the script so that I don’t have to plan ahead. I just don’t have that kind of time right now!

Why would you combine kids?

To make it easier on yourself! I’m combining Tiger and Bee in science next year and I so look forward to teaching the same topic to both. And how much fun to have something they can do together! I’m all about combining for history and science!

What about experiments?

The program has an activity, observation, or experiment for each lesson. In the lower levels, there are fewer experiments and more observations. I love this because I don’t have to make a giant mess, direct a complicated experiment, and lose the interest of my kids. Instead, the activities are perfectly geared for their ages and they are able to complete them without my help!

Is it a full year of curricula?

Yes! We add in a few extra book choices and do 2 lessons per week (using 2 other days as review/extra reading days). It’s a good pace since we have to spend much of our time focused on language arts and math.

Why is it not by grade?

Because it’s more about ability level and it allows you the opportunity to combine kids.

What are the projects and activities like?

We have observed a pine cone opening, watched caterpillars turn into butterflies, and built a human skeleton out of x-rays.

What about extra reading?

They provide you with a booklist that goes through each lesson, providing book choices for each lesson.  These books are ones that are easy to find at a library. I plan to purchase a few key books to keep on hand during our year. We love to read!

Can I reuse the curricula?

Yes, everything in your kit can be reused with another child later. You just need to purchase an Individual Student Unit to have all the booklets and review worksheets. I am keeping my kits to reuse them with all my kids!


Homeschool Creations – Three Years of Nancy Larson Science

I first met Jolanthe  of Homeschool Creations at the HEAV Conference in Richmond, VA during the summer of 2010. As a former teacher and specialist in early learning, Jolanthe had lots of questions about our science programs and how they work. She spent about two hours at our booth, looking at the teacher’s manuals, booklets and manipulatives; talking with other parents who came by; and picking up my enthusiasm for Nancy, who is a master educator.

Fast forward, Jolanthe has used Nancy Larson® Science for three years and volunteers to help me at conferences. She’ll be joining me this year at the FPEA Conference in Orlando, FL, May 23–25.  Jolanthe is a treasure, dedicated to helping others, creative author, fun-loving mother, and resourceful friend.  Recently Jolanthe wrote  a comprehensive review

Here are some of the highlights Jolanthe listed.

The science levels in Nancy Larson Science are not intended for grade levels but rather a range of ages. This means that several children can work together on science.

Complete science program that has made science learning fun, manageable, and above all – productive.

Since we started using Nancy Larson Science for homeschool, our science time has literally done a complete turnaround.

Lessons target children with different learning styles.

Lessons are completely laid out for the teacher.

Study skill and reading are integrated into science learning.

Read her complete post. Why Our Family Loves Nancy Larson® Science.


Spell Out Loud uses Science 1



Last year at the 2:1 Conference, I met wonderful homeschool moms who are also amazing bloggers. Maureen at Spell Out Loud is one of the most amazing: busy mom, former elementary teacher, social media expert, photographer, author for other sites, and virtual assistant. Maureen is just starting her experience with Nancy Larson Science and says:

I was drawn to Nancy Larson Science 1 because:

  • The target age-level is ages 5–8 years (note: the levels do not necessarily correspond to grade levels. See site for more  info.)It contains everything I need—from books, student booklets, specimens to examine, picture cards, and more.
  • It is scripted. Normally I don’t care if things are scripted because I’m good at coming up with things on the fly, but right now I need something easy that doesn’t require much prep work from me due to my current workload. Everything is already planned for me.
  • It combines science with language arts.
  • It is created to reach multiple learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • It introduces several themes: Describing the Life Stages of Human Beings; Observing Trees; Exploring Sunlight, Water, and Soil; Investigating Animals and Their Habitats; Discovering What Is Inside of Our Bodies; Examining the Characteristics and Life Cycles of Insects

NancyLarsonScience1 NancyLarsonScience1a NancyLarsonScience1e
Maureen has some terrific ideas for helping young siblings who are sitting in on the Science 1 lessons. Read her complete post. 

Madon Dailey

The Homeschool Compass uses Science 2

Along with the spring flowers, I’ve been discovering more new blooms and blooming scientists. Homeschool moms who are using our science programs are sharing their stories with their friends and ours.

Marcy at The Homeschool Compass wrote about her experiences teaching science and why Nancy Larson Science was a great fit for her family.

“I am not strong in science. I had lousy science teachers in my own school experience. And as much as I value language and history (my strengths), I can’t devalue science. I think it deserves a solid place in our homeschool. Since science is a weak subject for me, I want a good bit of direction.

Enter Nancy Larson Science. I finally found a curriculum for science that I’m really happy with. Yes, it’s pricey. But it is thorough, completely scripted (so, no guessing), has everything you need for experiments in one box (almost no teacher preparation necessary, other than making sure you pull out items used in that day’s lesson), and it can be used with multiple ages at a time. For example, I used  Science 2 easily with a kindergartner (who was admittedly advanced in reading and writing) and a 4th grader. We learned so much, and we all loved it. The curriculum does a great job of teaching scientific principles, not just facts. I see my children retaining the information and applying it elsewhere.”

I especially like Marcy’s section on “how to use the materials.” The complete story of her experiences are at http://www.thehomeschoolcompass.com/352/nancy-larson-science

-Madon Dailey

Why Parents Love Nancy Larson® Science

When you visit us at a conference, the first information you receive is a one-page, one-minute read with the three top reasons parents love our programs. I am especially proud to share this piece because it was created by moms who use Nancy Larson Science. They repeatedly said, “We need a quick way to tell other moms why Nancy Larson Science works so well. This is what it should say.”

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