The Homeschool Compass uses Science 2

Along with the spring flowers, I’ve been discovering more new blooms and blooming scientists. Homeschool moms who are using our science programs are sharing their stories with their friends and ours.

Marcy at The Homeschool Compass wrote about her experiences teaching science and why Nancy Larson Science was a great fit for her family.

“I am not strong in science. I had lousy science teachers in my own school experience. And as much as I value language and history (my strengths), I can’t devalue science. I think it deserves a solid place in our homeschool. Since science is a weak subject for me, I want a good bit of direction.

Enter Nancy Larson Science. I finally found a curriculum for science that I’m really happy with. Yes, it’s pricey. But it is thorough, completely scripted (so, no guessing), has everything you need for experiments in one box (almost no teacher preparation necessary, other than making sure you pull out items used in that day’s lesson), and it can be used with multiple ages at a time. For example, I used  Science 2 easily with a kindergartner (who was admittedly advanced in reading and writing) and a 4th grader. We learned so much, and we all loved it. The curriculum does a great job of teaching scientific principles, not just facts. I see my children retaining the information and applying it elsewhere.”

I especially like Marcy’s section on “how to use the materials.” The complete story of her experiences are at

-Madon Dailey

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