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Last year at the 2:1 Conference, I met wonderful homeschool moms who are also amazing bloggers. Maureen at Spell Out Loud is one of the most amazing: busy mom, former elementary teacher, social media expert, photographer, author for other sites, and virtual assistant. Maureen is just starting her experience with Nancy Larson Science and says:

I was drawn to Nancy Larson Science 1 because:

  • The target age-level is ages 5–8 years (note: the levels do not necessarily correspond to grade levels. See site for more  info.)It contains everything I need—from books, student booklets, specimens to examine, picture cards, and more.
  • It is scripted. Normally I don’t care if things are scripted because I’m good at coming up with things on the fly, but right now I need something easy that doesn’t require much prep work from me due to my current workload. Everything is already planned for me.
  • It combines science with language arts.
  • It is created to reach multiple learning styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic.
  • It introduces several themes: Describing the Life Stages of Human Beings; Observing Trees; Exploring Sunlight, Water, and Soil; Investigating Animals and Their Habitats; Discovering What Is Inside of Our Bodies; Examining the Characteristics and Life Cycles of Insects

NancyLarsonScience1 NancyLarsonScience1a NancyLarsonScience1e
Maureen has some terrific ideas for helping young siblings who are sitting in on the Science 1 lessons. Read her complete post. 

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