Passionately Curious Mom Opens the Box

Heather is the homeschooling mom in a military family based in Germany. She just wrote about opening the box for Nancy Larson Science 2 when it arrived.

Yesterday was a good mail day! We received a big box from Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool containing the Science 2 Complete Program. Science is the most loved subject in our house, so I can’t wait to add this program into our daily routine. I have a big review planned for this program, so I will get all the details on how it works (and how it’s working for us!) in the next couple weeks. The kids are just SO excited and ready to dig in; so while I make you wait for the full review, let’s play “What’s in the Box!”Nancy Larson Science Box Day
A more appropriate game would be “What’s not in the box.” Nancy Larson Science is neat because everything you need is provided from the start. I love that I won’t need to round up any supplies to teach this program. Everything is included, from big things, like the workbook, to supplies for experiments, books to read, even picture resources for the lessons. You can’t see every element here- the kit comes with: Magnets (cow, horseshoe, bar and ring magnets), a bucket balance, a hexagram mass set, a beaker, hand lens, a hardness collection mineral set, mica sample, granite sample, ballon, toy car, sandpaper, wooded stirrer, nails, screws, wooden wedge, packing peanuts, meter stick, pulley and cord, prism, xylophone, rubber bands, owl pellets, bone sorting chart, wooden probe, and three books: Backyard Birds, Common Birds and their Songs, and Birds, Nest and Eggs.

Nancy Larson Science 2 excitement!

They were too excited to look at the camera. I don’t blame them!

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