What’s in the box with Nancy Larson Science for Homeschool

Christy of Blessed Little Thistle  writes. “I’ve researched Nancy Larson’s approach for some time and just knew it would be a good fit for us.

Owen had been eyeing the box for a week and it was driving him crazy. Our first lessons are on the life stages of humans. He thought we were going to dive right into beakers and bubbling concoctions since that’s all he really thinks of when he hears the word “science”. I was worried that he would be disappointed when he discovered science was more than that. He had obviously built up some expectations of how this science thing was going to go down.

Nancy Larson Science 1, science curriculum, complete science kit

 Let me tell you, even though we weren’t donning white lab coats and goggles, he was NOT disappointed. In fact, he was so engaged that it turned out to be the most successful school time we’ve ever had in the history of our homeschooling. That’s huge! There are a lot of times that I just KNOW that I will love a curriculum and the kids don’t meet my enthusiasm. Sure they like it. Sure they do the work. But they’re just not as into as I had built up in my head. That’s not the case this time around. Owen is totally as excited and enthusiastic about this program as I am. At one point he said, “I like this way better than doing school.” Ha! Joke’s on him! This IS school buddy!

When your kid is so into the lesson that it doesn’t seem like “work” to him and he doesn’t realize he’s doing regular school; that’s when you know a curriculum is going to be worth the money. And when he talks about the content from the day’s lesson even after school is over in general conversation, you know you have a keeper. That’s the most organic form of learning.”

Nancy Larson Science 1, science curriculum, complete science kit

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