The lessons are already prepared

Why Nancy Larson Science?

Posted by Kayla of The Arrowood Zoo 

Several months ago I had the awesome privilege of going to the NCHE Conference, which you have heard me talk about a lot! I had so much fun and learned a lot too. And I cannot wait for next year.

While there I met Madon Dailey, who is the homeschool manager for Nancy Larson Science. She wanted to meet all of the NCHE 2014 Bloggers while she was at the convention, so I ran by her booth. While speaking with her about our current science and looking at what Nancy Larson Science had to offer for my homeschool, we decided that it would be a great idea for me to review a science kit for the entire year with Zachary and Lexi. Zachary is 9 and Lexi is 11. Science 2 is for ages 7–9 but can be adapted for younger or older without much effort. Madon helped me decide to use Science 2 with both of them, and she  helped me with several other questions that I came up with too!

There are several reasons I decided this would be an awesome fit for my family:

1 – The lessons are already prepared {jumping for joy}. Science scares me, you see I was the one that got a D in science in 5th grade. Yes 5th grade. I had never gotten a D and never did again.  I took pride in my work but science just came very hard to me in a text book.

I can’t tell you how many times trying to find something has hurt our school day on learning. You know the time when you are ready but you forgot that “one” piece of whatever and it totally ruins your lesson. With Nancy Larson Science you simply open the box and you may begin. There is no prep work. Everything is supplied which is a huge plus. No extra shopping because you need a new book for that lesson or you need a rock set for that unit, she has it all covered.

Next time: 2 – The lessons are scripted.

Rocks and Minerals – Hands on Science

 Nancy Larson Science 2 – Observing Rocks and Minerals

I can’t believe we’re already done with another unit! Even though we do more than the 2 lessons a week of science, I swear it seems like the kids are learning more than I could have imagined from something that seems so easy.

As a commentor pointed out on the last unit review a couple months ago, “… it takes complex topics and explains them in simplified language so every kid can “get it”. This perfectly sums up the quality of Nancy Larson Science.2014-09-14 11.22.25

Observing Rocks and Minerals introduces kids to geology, a subject near and dear to every girl who loves shiny rocks. In my case, I like the yellow ones with bugs in them, and the blue corundum pretties.

Included in the kit is a set of mineral samples demonstrating Moh’s Hardness Scale – that one thing has utterly fascinated them!! The boys have gone around trying to figure out what is harder than what, and which rock can scratch another.

Okay, so play time aside ( Isn’t that learning too?), the lessons are wonderful and thorough. I do next to no prep on every lesson. THAT is worth money to me. If I don’t have to spend time prepping for a lesson, then I can spend that time with the boys making their school that much more fun.
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Secular or Religious Science Kits?

Christy of Blessed Little Thistle, shared her struggle finding the right science kits.

Christy Mandin Family

“We are a religious family but our choice to homeschool is not based on religious reasons. Because of that, our curriculum choices are also not solely based on our religious stance. That gets hairy sometimes when trying to find curriculum. In the past I think a lot of American families have chosen to homeschool because of religion. But, I think the tide has turned in homeschooling and, although many do home educate with a heavy emphasis on religion, a lot more families are now homeschooling for a variety of reasons – to address special needs; families who travel a lot; poor, few, or no school choices in their area; bullying; to nurture a special skill. Home educating has become a lot more diverse. And curricula targeted towards homeschool settings are starting to become more diverse as well. There’s more out there now than just the religion-focused curricula.


Science programs for homeschoolers that take a neutral stance to religion can be tricky to find. There’s a lot of heated debate where science and religion intersect. Or don’t intersect, depending on who you ask. But even before they intersect (or not) there’s a lot of science left to be taught. As a family we are a hybrid sort of religious bunch (I’ll elaborate more on that another time). So, of course we would want a science program that left the door open for us to explore freely any connections we might make between our religious studies and our science curriculum. It’s how we study the rest of our subjects as well. We give religion study its own time and then see what connections can be made throughout our other studies.

What do you look for in a science curriculum? Do you prefer one with a religious tone or a secular approach?

Follow along with us throughout the year as we continue to explore science with Nancy Larson.”

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Physical Properties of Matter – Hands on Science 2

Gail Nelson, editor of Learning Tangent,  asks “Can I just say how much we love this curriculum?”

2014-06-18 11.07.12 

Every so often I think, “Well maybe this is too easy,” because they understand the basic ideabehind much of the vocabulary, but the word itself never entered the picture. Then they show me how much they’re really learning. Nancy Larson’s Science lessons are just so very easy to follow that it almost seems as though it’s too easy, but they’re learning and thinking about science in new and fabulous ways that I credit to the well planned and yes, scripted, Nancy Larson Science.

I wasn’t sure I would like the scripted nature of it, I’m such a free flowing kind of person in the way I do things, but I do. It makes the teaching very easy on the mom, and ensures that all the information is covered in a fun, engaging way. I think this is part of what makes it feel like it’s almost too easy, because as much as I adore science, I always expected teaching it to be difficult. This isn’t, at all.

Mass set with Balance

Each of the lessons has a list of needed items to either gather (like plastic bottles and the like) or take from the kit, often both. I can gather the items myself, or I can have the boys gather them by just reading the list. In fact, I think this is a great way to get the kids involved in prepping for lessons! It’s like a treasure hunt, and we know how much my kids like treasure hunting, right?

Texture samples

This is a very “hands-on” science curriculum, which suits my kids to a “T”. They are very tactile learners and need to be touching something pretty much all thetime. This satisfies that need in a very appropriate way – they even had to tape samples of textures into the unit booklet as part of the unit. Love it!

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Nancy Larson Science starts with a conversation

When we take part in a conversation, we connect and learn from the people around us. The same is true for young children trying to learn the most challenging subjects.


As the author of Saxon Math Homeschool and Nancy Larson Science Homeschool, I have studied how guided conversations can shape and develop young minds. The results are often a rock-solid educational foundation and confidence to learn the most rigorous topics.
I understand that homeschool parents care deeply about their child’s education and are personally invested in their success. I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of parents having a conversation with their elementary school child about mathematics and science. Through conversation, children learn!

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Busy new homeschool mom loves hands on Science K kit

Tara of The Magnolia Barn tells us about using the Science K kit with her daughter.

In November, Abby began Kindergarten.  While I had determined most of her curriculum, I was however, unsure about science. As a new homeschooler, while confident in my decision, I am not as confident in my abilities to pull together my own science lessons and be consistent in that department.  At the time, our family had many upcoming events (new house construction, expecting a new baby) taking place simultaneously, I needed a curriculum that was easy to use, completely planned and ready to go…enter Nancy Larson Science.
When we began using the program,  I was amazed at how easy and fun the lessons were.  With a busy toddler in tow and a newborn, school had taken a backseat while we adjusted.  But, we found Nancy Larson Science K to be an easy addition to our day.  I appreciate the scripted dialogue and games presented during the lesson. I feel that I can thoroughly and effectively teach her with the guidance provided by the teacher’s manual.  Abby is able to learn a manageable amount of information and stay engaged the entire time.  She’s a very active, hands-on little girl and this is perfect for her!One of her favorite parts so far has been reviewing with the help of playing Simon Says.  I love seeing her smile and enjoy what she is learning.

The lessons are perfect for busy, homeschooling moms!  While I try to be organized and have my lessons and materials planned and ready, life happens.  Nancy Larson Science makes it easy!  When things got hectic and I was not prepared, it was not a big deal.  I was able to quickly gather the needed materials listed for the lesson, even when I was short on time.  The scripted lessons offered a starting point to get my child engaged. As I became more accustomed, I felt more comfortable adding in more discussion that related personally to my child. The lessons are short, yet full of hands-on activities to keep even the most active child’s full attention.
Nancy Larson has taken the stress and pressure off of me and provided an exciting learning experience without sacrificing time!