Developmental Science with Nancy Larson

Christy writes at Blessed Little Thistle.

We’ve wrapped up our first booklet with Nancy Larson Science 1. Booklet A was all about developmental science. We explored all the stages of life from infant to elderly adult. We had fun looking at baby photos and pictures of a few family members Owen’s never even met, like my great grandmother. Developmental-Science-with-Nancy-Larson-HomeschoolThe first booklet was a nice gentle introduction to “doing science”. The lessons were easy but challenging enough to keep him engaged. I’m loving those scripted lessons. While I like to be engaged with the kids during school as much as possible, it’s so nice sometimes to just open the lesson, read it, and still see results without having to jump through hoops in the planning department. Sometimes I don’t want the hoops, man. But I also don’t want to waste my time on a lesson. If he’s not retaining it I don’t care how easy it is to execute. And let me tell you, the retention and recall with Nancy Larson has been great. Win, win. Developmental-Science-with-Nancy-Larson-HomeschoolA review of the previous lesson at the beginning of every new lesson ensures the material stays fresh and the student is able to build on the knowledge. I’m really excited to show you what’s been going on in Booklet B but for now let’s take a peak at our first booklet.The picture of the adolescent stick figure talking on the phone slays me. So cute. And, let’s be real for a minute. ‘Adolescent’ is a  hard word to say when you’re 7. Never really locked that one down. I’m thinking ‘teenager’ might’ve been easier. But this is science, man. Developmental-Science-with-Nancy-Larson-HomeschoolWe’re just prepping for many more years of hard-to-pronounce scientific words.We had a little project that required us to cut out pictures of each life stage from magazines and sort them out for making a book in the next lesson. Since most of my magazines are seed catalogs or about farming or country life we had plenty of ‘adults’ and few ‘infants’. But Owen was diligent in his search and it turns out Martha Stewart came through for us in the end.Developmental-Science-with-Nancy-Larson-HomeschoolDevelopmental-Science-with-Nancy-Larson-HomeschoolI had to laugh at Owen’s choices for ‘elderly adult’. I wonder how “The Dude” would feel about being put in the ‘elderly adult’ category? We’ve got Michael Bloomberg in there, too. He probably doesn’t care. But The Dude?! Yeah, he’s not feeling it.Developmental-Science-with-Nancy-Larson-Homeschool


Stay tuned for Booklet B. We’ve been botanists “Observing Trees”. Being the nature-minded bunch we’re all pretty excited to share what we’ve learned.

Christy writes at Blessed Little Thistle.


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