Observing Trees with Blessed Little Thistle

What’s cuter than two little boys outside studying trees, and working together? Not much. Christy at Blessed Little Thistle shared her day with us.

Observing Trees with Nancy Larson Science 1

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Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 ReviewSince it’s a dreary day here and much of the country has already seen snow on the ground, I thought we’d look back at a much warmer view of our homeschool days. We finished up our lesson with Nancy Larson Science 1 on Observing Trees a Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 Reviewcouple of weeks ago, and just in time, too. The weather has been crazy here in Tennessee with a couple dustings of snow, a little ice, wind advisories, and rain, rain, rain. Outdoor studies were a little tricky with our ever-changing weather.Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 Review But we managed to sneak in a lovely hike before the trees lost all their leaves and fruit and beauty.  Equipped with our Peterson’s Tree Field Guide that came with our Nancy Larson Science 1 kit, we headed out for a hike. We hiked deep into the woods and came to a lovely clearing with mature persimmon trees and the lovely smell of fermenting fruit on the ground.

Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 ReviewThere was plenty to explore from bugs and fermentation to leaves and bark. We took our time exploring our field guide each time we came across a tree someone was interested in. We climbed trees and observed the bees, wasps, ladybugs, and flies that kept us company there. And we spent the next few weeks discussing what we observed during our hike from the comfort of our classroom. Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 Review  Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 ReviewEach time there was a break in the crazy weather we would observe the trees and shrubs in our own yard. Other times we would observe what we could through our classroom window. And, now, even though we’re technically finished with the lesson, we’ll extend it a little when we cut our Christmas tree this week and bring it home. Nancy Larson Science 1 - Booklet 2 ReviewWe’ll observe how the tree will survive over the next few weeks without the roots we learned about at the beginning of the unit and how it responds to being cut through oozing of sap.   We’ll watch it drop its needles and discuss its fragrance. It’ll be an easy, organic review of the information during the crazy holiday season.


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