Exploring with Nancy Larson Science: Learning At Home and Applying in Nature

Kris at BookWishes sent this update:

This last few weeks has flown by because of the fun we are having as a homeschooling family! We are zooming through Nancy Larson Science 1 and my children have been learning so much with Nancy Larson Science. We have loved learning in our home and then taking our new knowledge out into nature to use it!

Botany Header PicWhat we have been learning!

My children have been learning about trees, how to identify the age of a tree, and how trees are used.

dot -tree cookieWith Nancy Larson Science 1 kit, we received everything we needed to complete each lesson. In the identifying the age of a tree, my children used a slice of tree trunk where they were able to investigate the rings to see how old that tree was. All my children loved using the magnifying glass to look at each ring in the tree. They also noticed features in each ring. If the rings in the slice of bark are far apart it had more water that year!

kids n treesWe took them out to nature to test their knowledge, they were so excited to look at tree stumps to see how old that tree might have been before it was cut! We also explored other wonderful things that we have learned these last weeks with each lesson.

With each Nancy Larson Science lesson, you can open and go and read the questions set if you want too. However, I read the text before hand and highlighted only a few questions and then teach the rest on my own from what I learned in my reading. I love making NLS fit my teaching style as a home-educator! At the end of each lesson, I give my children a lesson review. This is best when completed the same day as the lesson. With the end of lesson review, I have adapted it to fit us by giving my children the review. Then, we go over it together. I do not have them complete it by themselves and correct. I like how they all get involved helping each other to answer the questions.pine cones

The beauty of Nancy Larson Science 1 is, although it can be an open and go lesson, if you want to read it and adapt it to your teaching style you can. I felt funny reading a script to my children. It was almost like someone was telling me what to say in my ear. I like using the lesson as a guide and learning the material myself before I teach my children. I personally love learning myself so reading everything through and doing the entire lesson together, even the end of lesson review, has made Nancy Larson Science a great fit for my family!

shadowsMy children had so much fun learning about the Sun, which has tied in with their solar system study this month! Also, they learned about Shadows and how they are formed.

It is so interesting to see my little ones pointing out each shadow when we were out and about on our nature hikes!

We also made a rain gauge this month. Unfortunately for us, the snow kind of wrecked it for us. So, I plan on putting it out again when the snow melts completely.

We learned about how water changes state and identifying how humans and animals use water.  streamWe love conserving water to help our planet! With each lesson, my children grasp a great understanding of the world around us. I love taking the knowledge of what we are learning at home and applying it in nature, together as a family!

boy tree

Nancy Larson Science gives wonderful real life examples for my children to study in our home making it easier for them to learn when we do go into nature. That is how I know they love what they are learning with NLS. They are out identifying items. Nancy Larson makes it easier for them to give them real life examples that come in the Science 1 kit along with wonderful life photographs!photo cards woodlands

Our weeks have been wonderfully packed with Science! It is a mother’s dream having her children learning science and loving it! We have been sick some days and I love how my children were given the tools in our home to continue the learning. The homeschool teacher’s manual is a wonderful blessing. The information is so detailed that I had an answer to every question my children had with each lesson.

The way we have just flown through our lessons has been awesome because we are learning at home and applying what we have learned in nature and all around us. Yes, and I say we because I have learned right along with my children. With Nancy Larson Science 1, the possibilities are endless!

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