Nancy Larson Science in the Winter! Science 1

by Kris of BookWishes

Sci1 in the WinterNancy Larson Science is so much for our family, however, I was a little worried how we were going to study the Nancy Larson Science 1 lessons during the winter. As we get further into the lessons, which are about insects, trees, and plants, I wondered how I was going to teach the lessons that required leaves and for my children to observe those items during our cold icy winter here in the mountains.

With Nancy Larson Science, I now have no fear because the lessons are easy for any environment, as I quickly found out. NLS gives you the tools to teach all the lessons in any season. Plus, we got outdoors during the cold season and my children are loving our nature fun during winter.

Science 1 covers many areas. So far, we have covered being a scientist, child development (differences between infants on up), identifying characteristics, habitats, plants, and now we are on to studying trees. At first, I thought this lesson would be hard for my children because, where we live right now, all the trees are bare. I was wrong because the first thing we did was set out on a nature hike in search for leaves and trees with leaves still on them!

winter scene
We found them all around us. Bushes and plants and Nancy Larson brought curiosity into my children with the plants, habitats, and trees around them on our nature exploring in these last weeks. I found NLS science 1 is for all year even if you don’t have trees to look at around you. Science 1 comes with so many beautiful photographs and literature including an extra literature list that you can reference. I love the trees guide that we have because the pictures are wonderful and easy for my children to look at the picture and then identify in nature. The literature you need comes with your Science 1 kit, therefore, you can identify leaves without setting off into the cold if you prefer!

Tree booklet
The literature is so wonderful. My children especially enjoyed the book “The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree.” This is a wonderful living literature book that gives your child a great understanding of the seasons. Yes, we learned about the seasons too. There is so much learning with Science 1 (YES)!

As we identified tree needles and leaves in nature, as well as at home, my children began to have an understanding of nature around them. They loved exploring the area and being outdoors together. We are a Charlotte Mason homeschooling family, therefore, nature is a place to learn and grow and I love how Nancy Larson Science is giving my children nature indoors, as well as, out with the lessons on trees.

We also identified deciduous evergreens and shrubs which was a learning experience for me as well. With NLS, I’m given the tools to teach the lesson so there is no guess-work.

My family is loving the hands on approach to science, even Franklin my hardest learner. It is not that he doesn’t want to learn, he just has a hard time grasping science. Not with Science 1. As we drive along in the car, he tells me of all the wonderful items that he can identify (plants, habitats, etc.) and loves our winter field trips together as we discover more.

Kids n tree booklets
Even when its cold outside and winter is storming you can learn so much with Nancy Larson Science.



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