Animal Habitats

 sent this update on Science 1.

In science this past month my daughter and I have been learning about animal habitats. I am still using Nancy Larson Science with her and it has been such a great fit for us!  In the animals unit it goes through habitats, what animals eat, hibernation and migration as well as different classifications of animals (mammals, reptiles, birds, fish).

Animal Habitats Sorting Activity

One of our favorite activities with this Animal unit was doing the different animal sorts. It is such a simple activity to put together, but I felt it added a lot to the learning. We did this activity with animal habitats as well as with they types of food animals eat. Our curriculum comes with full color animal cards, but you could print your own to do this activity.

Animal Habitats Sorting Activity

Animal Habitats Sort

Write cards with the names of the different animal habitats. We started simple with land, water, or both. As she moved further into the lessons, she learned different land and water habitats (savannah, forest, pond, ocean, etc.) Then, we took our stack of animal cards and sorted them to where they lived. Easy, peasy, right?!  Now try the same activity with Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.

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