Team Teaching with an Older Student

Kris Bagley involved her older son as a team teacher, helping him learn the content of Science 1 while learning some responsibility and teaching skills:


Our oldest son is advanced in his science courses. So, when I started my three other children on a new science course, I wanted to include my oldest son, Einstein, somehow in that science course. A suggestion from a friend was to have Einstein help teach the course! How wonderful for me to have a team teacher with our new science course Nancy Larson Science. That way, Einstein could know what it was like to teach a class while gaining confidence in himself, as well as, his teaching ability.


The first class went wonderful. Einstein introduced the course, Nancy Larson Science 1, to my younger children. Then, when anyone had a question about what we were doing, I had him answer them. When I was teaching, I gave my team teacher Einstein tasks like separating the picture cards. With Nancy Larson Science, the lessons are short, however, they are packed with wonderful information for the kids to learn.


As we progressed in the lesson, I noticed that Einstein started to love teaching NLS and he wanted more to do. So, after the class was over, I had him go around to each person and ask personally if they understood everything in the lesson. Some of the kids asked him questions (Elion our 4 year old mostly) but I saw how much Einstein wanted to teach!

002My overall thoughts on team teaching is that so far I love it and I will continue having Einstein help me teach our Nancy Larson Science course. I will have him help me teach other courses. I believe that teaching, even your siblings, helps you gain confidence, patients, and more while your teaching. Einstein is 12 years old and he also has autism; therefore, it is beneficial for him to have practice with his public speaking skills. So, this is a great way for him to start!

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