Only Passionate Curiosity and Science 1

Heather is Mom in a military family that is using Nancy Larson Science 1 and 2. Today she talks about Science 1.

Mr. Man is also working with Nancy Larson Science. He’s doing Science 1, which is about the inter-relatedness of all living things. I didn’t record his lesson because Little Miss was being even more helpful with his lesson, and I decided it was more important that I keep both of them focused. Another day, I’ll get out the camera for that level for you. Today, he is working on learning about habitats, so we used a lot of the picture cards. For this lesson, he looked at three different habitats, discussed the features of each, and then sorted animals into the habitats where they would live. Both of the little kids just love animals, so habitat lessons are always a huge hit here. With Mr. Man, I read the text to him, and he follows along, but the lessons goes about the same as Bug’s lessons in Science 2.




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