Nancy Larson Science 1 During the Holidays and Beyond

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As the holidays are winding down and coming to a close and the new year beginning (2015, boy I feel old), I am thankful for homeschooling during the holidays, especially with Nancy Larson Science. We started the Nancy Larson Science 1 back in November of this year right before the Thanksgiving holiday season. As a homeschooling mom, you always learn new ways to homeschool through the seasons by learning new ways to prep and how to keep to a routine. However, as a homeschooling mom I don’t always keep to everything I want to when it comes to teaching my children. Lets face it, mother to mother or homeschooler to another,  the holidays come with unexpected family visits, trips out-of-town, or in our case, the unexpected move right in the middle of it all. Geesh, that is a lot for the homeschooling family!

With Nancy Larson Science, I didn’t have to worry about it all. I just read the teacher’s guide with each lesson as we went. There is no prep time, no planning before hand, just grab the lessons and go. We are working on Science 1 with Nancy and my children love it.


Some of the wonderful items they have learned so far in these last lessons:

  • Spelling and Vocabulary: You thought this was just a science program. No, it is so much more. With NLS 1, we have a downloadable word list that I print out and use with my children. I love how the vocabulary fits each lesson. Some of the words are easy for my children and some words are more difficult.
  • Identifying Characteristics: With the first few lessons in NLS 1, my children were able to identify the differences between infants, toddlers, adolescents and adult/elderly. I really love how they would point out differences in each photograph they were given. I think that my 11-year-old daughter is too advanced for science 1, however, as the lessons have progressed, so has the difficulty.
  • Habitats: Gave us a wonderful variety of ways for my children to take a look at their own habitat and how animals and plants play a part in it.


With Nancy Larson Science, you get everything, all the materials you need to teach an entire year of science (with fun included) for your children. I love the assessments at the end of each lesson. They are easy for my children to understand and read. I must mention that the pictures are clear and accurate because I have tried science curriculum in the past that was hard to understand and the pictures unclear to my children.

I have a new-found love of Nancy Larson Science. The lessons are a perfect fit for my method of homeschooling. I can move on for my children as quickly as I would like or slow it down for my little ones! NLS incorporates living literature which I love and my children learn so much. I have my older son as a team teacher for all our lessons. He is kind of like a teacher’s aide. However, we will be learning together in January because we have added Nancy Larson Science 4 to his subject list and he is very excited!

The age/grade level of Nancy Larson Science depends on the level of your child’s science and reading ability. I do notice that the reading level advances as the lessons progress. Advancing my children’s reading is wonderful and I can tell my children love Science 1 because they ask me every day if it is time for NLS! In my personal mom/homeschooling teacher thoughts, I think that Science 1 would be great for up to 3rd grade.

During the holidays, I found NLS 1 to be easy and effortless on my part and something we kept on doing even with visits from the family. The kids enjoyed doing the program throughout the holiday season. So, if you are a busy bee during the holidays or during any other time of year, like this large family of 7, than NLS is for you. You can’t go wrong with Nancy Larson Science’s open and go learning.

Examining Simple Machines – Nancy Larson Science 2

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Gail Nelson,  Editor of Learning Tangents, January 23, 2015:

Every time I look at this science, and every lesson we do with it shows the pure genius of the way it’s arranged. A friend of mine calls it, “Complex topics made simple,” and I completely agree. As I’ve said before, the machines sections have been easier for the twins because they (and I) are quite mechanically inclined. That’s not to say that we haven’t learned anything – not true at all!! We have had a fantastic time gaining a much deeper understanding through the activities and lessons, and their vocabulary has increased by leaps and bounds!

I do believe that the included pulley and rope made for the most entertaining part of the unit. They had great fun using it to set up what amounted to a zipline between their rooms, which they generously shared via video. I absolutely love the expressions when they realized that a tooth is a wedge, a pencil can be a fulcrum and that they can explain some of the physics behind them.

This unit, as the title suggests, involved examining a variety of simple machines. These are the sort of machines you would often think of as a tool – lever, wedge, pulley, etc.

Homeschooling here is not a perfectly schedule and organized thing. This is why I appreciate the already-planned lessons that I just have to do with kids. It’s also why I tend towards buying curriculum that is already organized, it saves me time in the long run, and that time savings makes it worth every penny. The excellent organization within each unit and the scripted lessons ensure that I cover all the topics with only a small amount of preparation, which usually just includes reading the lesson ahead and getting the needed items from the kit.

When we first received this set from Nancy Larson (aff. link), we were blown away at everything that came with it, and I saw immediately why it’s priced the way it is … it’s simply the most complete science curriculum I have seen, and I’ve looked at quite a few. Some are lesson plans, others are books, and still others are experiments. These all have their place, and some families will gravitate more toward some than others – but when I buy science curriculum, I want the whole shebang!!  Nancy Larson has taken all the guess-work out of teaching science, and gives you the ability to give your kids a solid foundation – even if you’re not science oriented.

The boys are looking forward to the next unit exploring light and sound – sound is near and dear to my heart as a musician, so I’m also looking forward to it! Nancy Larson Science 2 can be found on their website at (aff. link), and costs $289. If you have multiple kids, all you have to do is purchase an extra student unit at $36.


Love Our Parent Support

I can only try and tell you how much I love and appreciate everything our parents do to help spread the word about Nancy Larson Science.  Often the most important items we have at Homeschool Conferences are parents to share their experiences and answer concerns for other parents. Lexi of Lextin Academy shares her thoughts after the Great Homeschool Convention in Ft. Worth. – Madon

I just survived my first gigantic homeschool convention. It was an absolute blast but my feet still ache and I may or may not have taken a few things to help with muscle soreness.

My favorite part of the convention? Meeting hundreds of homeschool families and having the chance to chat. I was able to share about our favorite science program – Nancy Larson Science.

Here’s a brief recap of my favorite aspects of the program.

One giant box – Everything you need for your entire year of science is right inside your box. All supplies are included (except for things like highlighters, colored pencils, and paper). I appreciate that I do not have to hunt down strange supplies to complete our experiments and observations.

Scripted lessons – Never thought I’d love reading an entire conversation straight out of a book, but I do. I don’t have to stumble over words when explaining gravity, simple machines, chemical formulas, or molecules to my kids. The script guides me through every lesson.

No planning or prep time – Because everything is in your box and the lesson plans are fully scripted for you, I don’t do any planning or prep before the lessons. I grab my guide and open to the next lesson and we are ready to begin.

No textbooks – Instead of a giant text, you have a scripted manual. Instead of textbooks, the student has individual booklets – one per unit. The child becomes the illustrator as he draws the illustrations, fills out the charts, and labels all the diagrams. I appreciate that my kids can take ownership of their science booklets in this way.

Interactive and engaging – Every lesson has an activity or observation. The booklets are interactive because the child reads them with you and then fills out the pictures and diagrams. The program is scripted and is filled with questions to ask the child. This turns the lesson into a conversation about science rather than a lecture.

This program is an open-and-go easy to use program that is homeschool mom friendly. Because I use this program, science gets done on a regular basis and my kids enjoy our science time.

Here you can read a few more posts about Nancy Larson:

If I chatted with you at the booth, feel free to email me at

If you’re ready to purchase your Nancy Larson program I would appreciate if you used my affiliate link posted here.

I’ve had a chance to rest and recover from my long weekend but I’m looking forward to my next convention! 

Lextin Academy – Our Favorite Science Program


Nancy Larson

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time then you’ve read about Nancy Larson Science. This is our favorite science program and has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool. I’ve been able to use the program for several years now and have had the privilege of working at their vendor booth for two years. I love talking to other homeschool families and sharing about how we experience success in our science studies.

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Secular or Religious? Why I Chose Nancy Larson Science

Is Nancy Larson Science secular or religious? We get this question a lot.  I’m reposting what Christy wrote, because I think she answers the concerns of many homeschooling parents. – Madon

Christy writes:

We are a religious family but our choice to homeschool is not based on religious reasons. Because of that, our curriculum choices are also not solely based on our religious stance. That gets hairy sometimes when trying to find curriculum. In the past I think a lot of American families have chosen to homeschool because of religion. But, I think the tide has turned in homeschooling and, although many do home educate with a heavy emphasis on religion, a lot more families are now homeschooling for a variety of reasons – to address special needs; families who travel a lot; poor, few, or no school choices in their area; bullying; to nurture a special skill. Home educating has become a lot more diverse. And curricula targeted towards homeschool settings are starting to become more diverse as well. There’s more out there now than just the religion-focused curricula.

Nancy Larson Science

Science programs for homeschoolers that take a neutral stance to religion can be tricky to find. There’s a lot of heated debate where science and religion intersect. Or don’t intersect, depending on who you ask. But even before they intersect (or not) there’s a lot of science left to be taught. As a family we are a hybrid sort of religious bunch (I’ll elaborate more on that another time). So, of course we would want a science program that left the door open for us to explore freely any connections we might make between our religious studies and our science curriculum. It’s how we study the rest of our subjects as well. We give religion study its own time and then see what connections can be made throughout our other studies.

Nancy Larson Science

When I went looking for a homeschool science curriculum I knew it would be tricky to find one without a heavy slant in either direction. I wanted a good middle-of-the-road program that didn’t compromise on the meaty science stuff. Nancy Larson was our girl! I love that Nancy Larson Science provides a strong science education without religious overtones.  Nancy Larson science gives us the option to let those connections between different subjects, including but not limited to religion, happen organically. It is the purest approach to teaching critical thinking in my opinion. Which brings me to the other things I love about Nancy Larson:

Nancy Larson Science

We take a whole-child approach to home educating so I tend to look for curricula that do the same. Nancy Larson Science does that by encouraging experiential learning. The lessons include discussion that makes the material more meaningful to the student. Because it’s relevant to his own life, I’ve seen Owen’s retention and recall of the information significantly increase. It doesn’t come across as a bullet point he has to memorize. It’s simply his “life” we’re learning so he has an easier time calling it back up when I check to see if he’s absorbed the day’s information. Plus the lessons are scripted so it makes it easier for me to deliver the information in a clear and concise manner.

Nancy Larson also encourages critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. The lessons progress in a gentle manner that build up a new reader’s confidence. The wording is easy to understand and the writing portions are short. I like that all of this is built into a science program. Sometimes we just can’t get to everything in a day so it’s nice when a curriculum covers several things at one time. Of course, our science doesn’t replace our reading or writing. But it does supplement it and I love that.

What do you look for in a science curriculum? Do you prefer one with a religious tone or a secular approach?

Follow along with us throughout the year as we continue to explore science with Nancy Larson.