Nancy Larson Science 1 During the Holidays and Beyond

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As the holidays are winding down and coming to a close and the new year beginning (2015, boy I feel old), I am thankful for homeschooling during the holidays, especially with Nancy Larson Science. We started the Nancy Larson Science 1 back in November of this year right before the Thanksgiving holiday season. As a homeschooling mom, you always learn new ways to homeschool through the seasons by learning new ways to prep and how to keep to a routine. However, as a homeschooling mom I don’t always keep to everything I want to when it comes to teaching my children. Lets face it, mother to mother or homeschooler to another,  the holidays come with unexpected family visits, trips out-of-town, or in our case, the unexpected move right in the middle of it all. Geesh, that is a lot for the homeschooling family!

With Nancy Larson Science, I didn’t have to worry about it all. I just read the teacher’s guide with each lesson as we went. There is no prep time, no planning before hand, just grab the lessons and go. We are working on Science 1 with Nancy and my children love it.


Some of the wonderful items they have learned so far in these last lessons:

  • Spelling and Vocabulary: You thought this was just a science program. No, it is so much more. With NLS 1, we have a downloadable word list that I print out and use with my children. I love how the vocabulary fits each lesson. Some of the words are easy for my children and some words are more difficult.
  • Identifying Characteristics: With the first few lessons in NLS 1, my children were able to identify the differences between infants, toddlers, adolescents and adult/elderly. I really love how they would point out differences in each photograph they were given. I think that my 11-year-old daughter is too advanced for science 1, however, as the lessons have progressed, so has the difficulty.
  • Habitats: Gave us a wonderful variety of ways for my children to take a look at their own habitat and how animals and plants play a part in it.


With Nancy Larson Science, you get everything, all the materials you need to teach an entire year of science (with fun included) for your children. I love the assessments at the end of each lesson. They are easy for my children to understand and read. I must mention that the pictures are clear and accurate because I have tried science curriculum in the past that was hard to understand and the pictures unclear to my children.

I have a new-found love of Nancy Larson Science. The lessons are a perfect fit for my method of homeschooling. I can move on for my children as quickly as I would like or slow it down for my little ones! NLS incorporates living literature which I love and my children learn so much. I have my older son as a team teacher for all our lessons. He is kind of like a teacher’s aide. However, we will be learning together in January because we have added Nancy Larson Science 4 to his subject list and he is very excited!

The age/grade level of Nancy Larson Science depends on the level of your child’s science and reading ability. I do notice that the reading level advances as the lessons progress. Advancing my children’s reading is wonderful and I can tell my children love Science 1 because they ask me every day if it is time for NLS! In my personal mom/homeschooling teacher thoughts, I think that Science 1 would be great for up to 3rd grade.

During the holidays, I found NLS 1 to be easy and effortless on my part and something we kept on doing even with visits from the family. The kids enjoyed doing the program throughout the holiday season. So, if you are a busy bee during the holidays or during any other time of year, like this large family of 7, than NLS is for you. You can’t go wrong with Nancy Larson Science’s open and go learning.

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