This Summer, It’s Nancy Larson Science!

I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am to start our Nancy Larson Science 1 complete program this summer!

Nancy Larson Science 1 What's in the Box?!

You see, I had researched and searched forTHE perfect science curriculum for my littles. After finding a fantastic program this past year, I quickly realized that it just wasn’t the right fit for my children (trial and error, friends!)!  My search then resumed, yet again.  This time knowing what would and would not work for us.

One of the things that I LOVE about homeschooling is that we can select what works for our children! However, I’d like to note that this doesn’t need to be limited to a homeschooling family!  I can easily see this program used as a supplement at home for science loving families.  Why?  Because it’s FUN!

What exactly was I looking for in a science program?

Something that:

  • Was hands-on
  • Was Cross-curricular
  • Encouraged scientific conversation
  • Covered interesting & sophisticated topics (explored in an age-appropriate way)
  • Was NOT sheet work or workbook heavy
  • Facilitated a love of science
  • Provided everything one needed:  All inclusive
  • Required very little teacher-prep time
  • Provided built-in reinforcement
  • Was comprehensive and creative
  • Was scripted!!!  (Yes, scripted!  Let’s face it, I am NOT a scientist!  I love that the script is all laid out before me, and if my husband wants to help out a few lessons, he knows what exactly should be said!  Obviously you don’t have to follow the script, but it’s there for lovers of it!)

You can see my list was pretty lengthy, and finding all of the above found to be a difficult task…  Until I discovered Nancy Larson Science!  Nancy Larson is all of the above, and more!  Nancy Larson Science offers programs for grades K-4.  My favorite part is that complete program packages are offered for each grade level.  Purchasing a complete program means that everything from the scripted Teacher Manual (with answer keys), student materials, tool kit (all the fun visuals & extras I will show below!), resource materials, & access to website resources for one year is INCLUDED!  And for a very reasonable price!  (I highly recommend you check it out!)

After using ‘Picking the Right Level’ as my guide, I decided to go with the Science 1 Complete program for our family.  Because I have 2 children participating in the same (grade) program, we are using one additional individual student unit.  There is no need to purchase more than one complete kit in the same grade.   This is a great way to save on costs if multiple children are participating!

Grade 1 covers topics such as:

  • Describing the Life Stages of Human Beings
  • Observing Trees
  • Exploring Sunlight, Water, and Soil
  • Investigating Animals and their Habitats
  • Discovering What is Inside our Bodies
  • Examining the Characteristics and Life Cycles of Insects

I’m so excited!  Clearly you can tell that I adore this program.  Let’s take an actual look inside the box, shall we?

Nancy Larson Science What's in the Box?

Science 1 Complete Program – What’s included:

Inside the box we received a welcome letter with log-in information to our Nancy Larson Science website resources.  We also received…

     1.  Books!

Nancy Larson Science 1: We love books

Nancy Larson Science 1

Books included:

  • Trees to Paper
  • Insects and Spiders
  • Peterson First Guides: Trees
  • The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree
  • What do Scientists Do?
  • Your InsidesNancy Larson Science 1 Apple Tree Book

     2.  A Butterfly Garden Set w/ Larvae Coupon!

Nancy Larson Science Butterfly Garden

     3.  Human X-ray Set

     4.  Insect Learning Cards

Nancy Larson Science Insect Learning Cards

     5.  Jack Pine Cones

     6.  Magnifier, Dual (hand lens)

     7.  Tree Cookies

     8.  Ladybug Land w/ Larvae Coupon

     9.  Insects & Spiders (plastic) They LOVED these!

Nancy Larson Science Insects & Spiders Nancy Larson Science Insects and Spiders

Nancy Larson Science Insects and Spiders - Bugs!

     10.  Teacher Manual (in scripted format) with Answer Keys

     11.  Student materials

     12.  6 topic booklets to go along with student material

     13.  Visuals!  Photo card pack with CD 

Does this program not look adorable?!  And this is just the beginning, friends!  I adore the way that the lessons build on each other, that the topics are genuinely of interest to my children, and that the material is covered at an age-appropriate level.

I am beyond anxious to get started, and to share with you along the way!!!  I do hope that you check out Nancy Larson Science and that you follow our family along our study!


Nancy Larson Science 1: What's in the Box?!

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