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Kris recently finished Nancy Larson Science 1, and posted her thoughts.Nancy Larson Science 1 Review from Book Wishes!

These last few weeks my children have been working hard on science. As a Charlotte Mason homeschooling family, we love literature and with Nancy Larson Science literature is added in two ways. Nancy Larson Science kit 1 comes with several wonderful pieces of literature, as well as, an additional literature print-out for parents that are used to reinforce what my children are learning through literature connections.

In using the Charlotte Mason method in our homeschool, the books I look for to reinforce my children’s learning have to be living books. What is a living book? I know this is an ongoing question with a lot of homeschooling newbies. The best definition for myself is a living book is a book that was written by a person who is an expert on the material that brings my children to know more about that subject. Usually these books are written in a narrative type style. I also find that “expert on the subject” depends on ones views. For instance, Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder, I would consider her an expert on pioneering because Laura lived in that time period and grew up being a pioneer. So, Little House in the Big Woods, in our homeschool is a living book.

I was excited about NLS printed list that they give you because it is not small. This allows me to pick and choose what books I want my children to read that fit our homeschooling method. This is a wonderful plus for us to be able to add books that I know my children can learn with and I can feel good with them reading and growing their learning of science.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesIn NLS Kit 1, my children have covered many topics. The lessons do start off easy and progressively get harder along the way. My three children (Franklin (9) Hubble (8) and Elion (5)) flew through the first three-quarters of this book. This was mostly because it was a lot of review for them. Be very careful on what kit you pick for your family. I would highly recommend calling and talking to NLS staff about your order and the levels that your children are at in science.

I really liked how each subject has a packet of its own for the student. The teacher’s guide , pictured above, is easy to read. Each lesson has a material list and at the end of each lesson, the answers for your student packet (if you need it). What I did and didn’t like was the script. I read the script before each lesson to guide my lesson, however, I do not need to read the script while teaching. I can see how some teachers or homeschoolers would love this, simple, easy, no planning way to teach. Scripted lessons are just not my style, therefore, I used it to teach me before hand what the lesson was about.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesMy children overall enjoyed every lesson. Elion, I believe, received the most out of science 1 because this was not review for her. My boys really liked the lessons even though they were review for an 8 and 9-year-old.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesWe have been expanding the anatomy lessons currently because the kids are having so much fun with it! I do love the ideas Nancy Larson Science gives you, however, I would love to see more overall. I would like more creative ideas and application rather than just writing and reading. I would love crafts and more ideas for exploration. We took what we were learning indoors and went outside with it. I highly suggest when completing NLS 1 to take your children out to observe and I know that we have some fun butterfly observing through NLS 1 coming up. I just wish there was more.

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesNancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesMy children had fun learning with all the wonderful learning cards, photographs and samples that NLS 1 gave them. I really enjoyed NLS 1 during the winter because the kids really could learn science indoors. When we were learning about the seasons the photographs were amazing!

Nancy Larson Science Review from Book WishesOverall, Nancy Larson Science 1 is a wonderful science program. My children learned a lot with this program. They connected to the literature. We did the lesson reviews together and I saw the team work as they helped little Elion understand each lesson better. My oldest son Einstein helped me team teach the entire way through and has really gained great verbal skills.  We modified the lessons a little to fit us as a family and I love how simple it was to do that. Is this an open and go curriculum? Yes! However, I put a little more work into it because I found the script didn’t fit me personally.

Nancy Larson Science 1 Review from Book Wishes!

Nancy Larson Science 1 covers so many topics and each one is wonderfully explained and easy to understand. Their was never any tears learning with Nancy in our home, not to mention, the beautiful literature, as well as, literature connections to add-on. What is included in the NLS 1 kit is wonderful. I am so glad my children got to experienceNancy Larson Science.

To purchase your NLS 1 or to see what is included, visit Nancy Larson’s website and pick what kit fits your family.


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