Homeschooling: The Journey not the Destination

Nancy Larson Science 3… The box is here!

Don’t we ALL love when a box arrives at our door?  The crisp, slightly damp cardboard smell?  The impending surprise?  The wait… As Willy Wonka says, “I wish it would last!”

Y’all know that I’m a Nancy Larson Science user and lover.  My kids love it.  My checkbook loves it.  My time management loves it.  My inner OCD – like it all in one place – loves it.  You may watch my Youtubes about NLS on my channel at:

Well… this morning… it came!  JJ ran to the door like he was greeting Our Lord!  Don’t be fooled by the list price.  What you get is SO worth it.  ALL IN ONE BOX PEOPLE!  Web access to teacher helps and kid extras!


Science 3


Scroll down the NLS 3 page and click on “Table of Contents.”  WOW!  Am I going to learn that all next year, too?


Science… check!

One thought on “Homeschooling: The Journey not the Destination”

  1. Stop by to see pics of my son’s honest reaction. We will be posting more as we open the box and dump it out – did my need for order-self just say that?- in July!

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