Why Nancy Larson Science Works – Science 1

A parent asked if it what necessary to start the Science 1 lessons in order. Here’s why it is.
Nancy writes the lessons with the intention that they be taught in order. The scientific information builds on previous lessons, reviewing and referring back when teaching new concepts, and helps children learn new applications and adaptations of information.
Nancy also focuses on learning strategies, those lifelong learner skills that we want our children to master. These are woven intricately into each lesson, through the science conversation created in the scripted lesson. Also in Science 1, Nancy purposely begins with a familiar topic (people) through which they become comfortable with the science conversation, observing characteristics, creating scientific illustrations, and developing a science lab book. These basic skills will continue to be developed through progressively more rigorous topics and reading.
So we feel it’s important to stress the order of the lessons in each level of Nancy Larson Science. Please know that we are here to answer any questions, and help make this the best possible learning experience for homeschool children. Plus, we love to hear from our parents and share in the adventure.
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