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Changing Leaves for Emily

Changing Leaves

A very sweet note came the other day from Emily, who’s six. Here’s her question:

Do leaves change from green to orange or yellow all at once?

Sometimes the best way to learn is to just stop and look. Since Emily isn’t here to look with me, here’s what I want her to see.

This tree has a green and orange look. But when we stand closer, we see this.


This tree seems to have been dipped in pink. Standing close to the trunk, we see these leaves.
Then we see some very colorful branches among the green. Moving out a little, we see both the green and pink.


From thirty feet away, this tree is green and yellow. But up close, it’s more green and pink.
Here’s the same tree one week later. See how the colors have changed.


This tree looks green with some yellow. Up close we see each branch has leaves with many wonderful colors.


How would you answer Emily’s question?

When you draw a tree in autumn, what colors would you use?

You can print the drawings of a tree and leaf below. Color the leaves to show a tree in autumn.

 Click on this link to get the Tree and Leaf to color