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We Love our New Science Curriculum!

Tanya, The Natural Homeschool mom wrote:

As soon as I got off the phone, I researched this company and my jaw just dropped at looking at this amazing set. Before I go on, I want to say how excited I am to have the opportunity to review this curriculum. Come and find out how our box opening experience was like and what our first impressions were. I can promise you that I will give you my honest opinion aboutNancy Larson Science.

NL open box main

My First Impressions

Wow. Where should I start? When I saw everything included in the Grade 1 Science Homeschool Complete Kit on the website, I was amazed, but seeing it all in person was even more amazing because I got to see my little ones look inside, and say, “No way!” over and over as they pulled out item after item and analyzed them all carefully.

NL 1

Brother’s First Impressions

Brother (5 years old) focused on the books and written material. He took the clear plastic off all of them and took his time looking through each book. He was excited about the variety of topics we will be learning this year.

He was very interested in the insect book and started spouting out facts as he was reading them. Something that he pointed out was how he couldn’t wait to study the human body. In his own words, “The x-rays are way too fun!”

NL 2

Sister’s First Impressions

Sister (3 years old), on the other hand, went for the hands-on items like the plastic insects and arthropods, the butterfly and ladybug hatcheries and the pinecones. There are so many cards, pictures and even x-rays of the human body!

Sister was entertained for a while with the hands-on items that were in the box. I know that even though some of the material is at a higher level, she is excited about learning and the curriculum is easy to take the lessons to make them easier or harder.

NL 3

What is included in the Science 1 Homeschool Kit?

Includes: Teacher’s Manual, Student Materials, Resource Materials, Science 1 Tool Kit: 6 children’s books, Butterfly Garden Set with Larvae Coupon, Human X-ray Set (18), Insect Learning Cards (28), Insects and Spiders (33), Jack Pine Cones, Ladybug Land with Larvae Coupon, Magnifying Glass, Tree Cookies and access to website resources for one year.

NL 4

I also got a list via email with all kinds of amazing resources that help enrich and/or extend lessons. I am so happy that these kinds of extras are being offered for teachers/moms. There is also a list of pictures, cards and other resources for every lesson.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 4.11.53 PM

How are we planning on using the kit?

I love how much material the Nancy Larson Science (Grade 1) complete homeschool curriculum comes with and how it starts off easy to dispel any fears for Science and progressively, it increases in difficulty. I love it that children are referred to as scientists. It’s cool that the teacher’s manual is easy to follow, easy to read and it is completely spelled out for you.

Why did we choose first grade over kindergarten? I was wondering if we should start from the beginning, but then I realized that the beauty of homeschooling is to start at the level my children are at and start with the material that we would love to study right now. I even spoke to a representative at Nancy Larson Publishers and she was amazingly helpful with her knowledge and expertise.

NL 5


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Kids are over the moon!

Jody at A Sip of Southern Sunshine wrote:

My kids were pretty over the moon when I showed them online what was included with Nancy Larson’s Science 1 curriculum, that was nothing compared to how excited they were to get mail and explore everything inside!  (They have also begged to make a video like the ones they love to watch on YouTube so you can watch us unpack the box as well a little later in this post, maybe they will start their own YouTube channel soon?) Everything we discovered in our Nancy Larson Science 1 box promises to be hands on, fun, manageable and above all educational!  I wanted it for my 7 year old /Second Grader AND my 4 year old in Pre K as it seemed to cover a great age range, I didn’t want to have to teach every subject separate for each child so this seems perfect for us! You can see a sample of each level HERE.

nancy larson science

It is scripted but with a flexibility that allows for your own leading, and everything you need is included to cover the 5 or 6 units (booklets) which each cover about 6 weeks of material averaging 2 days of science per week- a gentle but thorough introduction.

Included in the Nancy Larson Science 1 box is first a teacher manual and student material- a tear out workbook for each lesson.

nancy larson science teacher

Teaching tools, word cards, and science word labels are also a part of your materials. You will find an ENTIRE set of human body x rays, What Do Scientists Do Book,  and Your Insides Book.

nancy larson body

We also found a butterfly habitat (with a butterfly larvae coupon), a ladybug habitat (with a ladybug larvae coupon), rubber bugs, Insects and Spiders booklet, as well as insect learning cards (we are most excited for this part of the curriculum).

nancy larson bugs

The kids were also intrigued to discover Tree cookies, pinecones, Trees to Paper book, The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree, and Petersons’s Guide to trees.

nancy larson treesWanna see the kids explore the box for themselves? Check it out, but please excuse our mess. Our homeschool room is in progress and bear in mind this is their YouTube debut!

Thanks to Nancy Larson Science for providing the  curriculum in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.

Nancy Larson Science 1 During the Holidays and Beyond

Kris at Book Wishes wrote:

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As the holidays are winding down and coming to a close and the new year beginning (2015, boy I feel old), I am thankful for homeschooling during the holidays, especially with Nancy Larson Science. We started the Nancy Larson Science 1 back in November of this year right before the Thanksgiving holiday season. As a homeschooling mom, you always learn new ways to homeschool through the seasons by learning new ways to prep and how to keep to a routine. However, as a homeschooling mom I don’t always keep to everything I want to when it comes to teaching my children. Lets face it, mother to mother or homeschooler to another,  the holidays come with unexpected family visits, trips out-of-town, or in our case, the unexpected move right in the middle of it all. Geesh, that is a lot for the homeschooling family!

With Nancy Larson Science, I didn’t have to worry about it all. I just read the teacher’s guide with each lesson as we went. There is no prep time, no planning before hand, just grab the lessons and go. We are working on Science 1 with Nancy and my children love it.


Some of the wonderful items they have learned so far in these last lessons:

  • Spelling and Vocabulary: You thought this was just a science program. No, it is so much more. With NLS 1, we have a downloadable word list that I print out and use with my children. I love how the vocabulary fits each lesson. Some of the words are easy for my children and some words are more difficult.
  • Identifying Characteristics: With the first few lessons in NLS 1, my children were able to identify the differences between infants, toddlers, adolescents and adult/elderly. I really love how they would point out differences in each photograph they were given. I think that my 11-year-old daughter is too advanced for science 1, however, as the lessons have progressed, so has the difficulty.
  • Habitats: Gave us a wonderful variety of ways for my children to take a look at their own habitat and how animals and plants play a part in it.


With Nancy Larson Science, you get everything, all the materials you need to teach an entire year of science (with fun included) for your children. I love the assessments at the end of each lesson. They are easy for my children to understand and read. I must mention that the pictures are clear and accurate because I have tried science curriculum in the past that was hard to understand and the pictures unclear to my children.

I have a new-found love of Nancy Larson Science. The lessons are a perfect fit for my method of homeschooling. I can move on for my children as quickly as I would like or slow it down for my little ones! NLS incorporates living literature which I love and my children learn so much. I have my older son as a team teacher for all our lessons. He is kind of like a teacher’s aide. However, we will be learning together in January because we have added Nancy Larson Science 4 to his subject list and he is very excited!

The age/grade level of Nancy Larson Science depends on the level of your child’s science and reading ability. I do notice that the reading level advances as the lessons progress. Advancing my children’s reading is wonderful and I can tell my children love Science 1 because they ask me every day if it is time for NLS! In my personal mom/homeschooling teacher thoughts, I think that Science 1 would be great for up to 3rd grade.

During the holidays, I found NLS 1 to be easy and effortless on my part and something we kept on doing even with visits from the family. The kids enjoyed doing the program throughout the holiday season. So, if you are a busy bee during the holidays or during any other time of year, like this large family of 7, than NLS is for you. You can’t go wrong with Nancy Larson Science’s open and go learning.

Only Passionate Curiosity and Science 1

Heather is Mom in a military family that is using Nancy Larson Science 1 and 2. Today she talks about Science 1.

Mr. Man is also working with Nancy Larson Science. He’s doing Science 1, which is about the inter-relatedness of all living things. I didn’t record his lesson because Little Miss was being even more helpful with his lesson, and I decided it was more important that I keep both of them focused. Another day, I’ll get out the camera for that level for you. Today, he is working on learning about habitats, so we used a lot of the picture cards. For this lesson, he looked at three different habitats, discussed the features of each, and then sorted animals into the habitats where they would live. Both of the little kids just love animals, so habitat lessons are always a huge hit here. With Mr. Man, I read the text to him, and he follows along, but the lessons goes about the same as Bug’s lessons in Science 2.




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Team Teaching with an Older Student

Kris Bagley involved her older son as a team teacher, helping him learn the content of Science 1 while learning some responsibility and teaching skills:


Our oldest son is advanced in his science courses. So, when I started my three other children on a new science course, I wanted to include my oldest son, Einstein, somehow in that science course. A suggestion from a friend was to have Einstein help teach the course! How wonderful for me to have a team teacher with our new science course Nancy Larson Science. That way, Einstein could know what it was like to teach a class while gaining confidence in himself, as well as, his teaching ability.


The first class went wonderful. Einstein introduced the course, Nancy Larson Science 1, to my younger children. Then, when anyone had a question about what we were doing, I had him answer them. When I was teaching, I gave my team teacher Einstein tasks like separating the picture cards. With Nancy Larson Science, the lessons are short, however, they are packed with wonderful information for the kids to learn.


As we progressed in the lesson, I noticed that Einstein started to love teaching NLS and he wanted more to do. So, after the class was over, I had him go around to each person and ask personally if they understood everything in the lesson. Some of the kids asked him questions (Elion our 4 year old mostly) but I saw how much Einstein wanted to teach!

002My overall thoughts on team teaching is that so far I love it and I will continue having Einstein help me teach our Nancy Larson Science course. I will have him help me teach other courses. I believe that teaching, even your siblings, helps you gain confidence, patients, and more while your teaching. Einstein is 12 years old and he also has autism; therefore, it is beneficial for him to have practice with his public speaking skills. So, this is a great way for him to start!

Note: (Affiliate links for Nancy Larson Science are in this post, each link helps support our homeschooling when you purchase by clicking on it. Thank you for your support)

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Animal Habitats

 sent this update on Science 1.

In science this past month my daughter and I have been learning about animal habitats. I am still using Nancy Larson Science with her and it has been such a great fit for us!  In the animals unit it goes through habitats, what animals eat, hibernation and migration as well as different classifications of animals (mammals, reptiles, birds, fish).

Animal Habitats Sorting Activity

One of our favorite activities with this Animal unit was doing the different animal sorts. It is such a simple activity to put together, but I felt it added a lot to the learning. We did this activity with animal habitats as well as with they types of food animals eat. Our curriculum comes with full color animal cards, but you could print your own to do this activity.

Animal Habitats Sorting Activity

Animal Habitats Sort

Write cards with the names of the different animal habitats. We started simple with land, water, or both. As she moved further into the lessons, she learned different land and water habitats (savannah, forest, pond, ocean, etc.) Then, we took our stack of animal cards and sorted them to where they lived. Easy, peasy, right?!  Now try the same activity with Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.

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