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The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

Tanya, at The Natural Homeschool wrote:

We are absolutely loving our Science curriculum! It is the Nancy Larson Complete set for First Grade. You have go to try it! Here are some of the things we did for Unit A: The Life Stages of Human Beings.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

Since this is the beginning of the curriculum, we wanted to establish who scientists are and that we are scientists. It puts us in character and we take everything we study seriously, asking questions and learning something new every time.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

We read a book about scientists and also tested some of the statements on the cards. They had fun. That evening, I ordered them scientist gowns and goggles, just to make it more real.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

We mention these facts about scientists regularly as it helps us get into character and see what we are learning with different eyes.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

Then, we went into our studies of the stages of human beings. We learned about all the stages: baby, toddler, child, adolescent, adult and elderly adult. We learned details about each stage and even the difference between a teenager and an adolescent.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

We also kept notes and wrote down things that we learned as we went along. This unit was 12 lessons. It is great for us to do 2 lessons per week, to we completed this unit in 6 weeks or so.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

I love it that the curriculum comes with a long list of resources including books to check out at the library that are relevant to each lesson and also a CD with backline masters. We read some of my favorite books. They are all on the life stages of human beings. They are definitely relevant and definitely touching.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

Like all that isn’t enough, I felt my children were learning more and really understanding with all the hands-on activities and crafts that the lessons have to offer. The craft below is about labeling a piece of paper with the stages of human beings and then finding people in all those stages in children’s magazines.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

Here is one of them. It was fun and it I feel like it really drove all this information home.

The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit

We saw pictures of me in the infant, toddler, child, adolescent and adult stages and then I showed them pictures of their dad and pictures of my grandmother, too. My children were seriously loving this unit and we are all looking forward to the next unit.

Mason (Homeschool Manager for Nancy Larson Science):

“One of the things Nancy creates in the first booklet is the Science Conversation between parent and child that is paramount to learning. What better way to start the conversation than by talking/learning about themselves and their family, looking at characteristics that carry over from one generation to the next, talking with grandparents about ‘what dad/mom did when he/she was my age’.

The Science Conversation is a great learning tool, talking, reviewing, answering open-ended questions about what was learned. If we just jump in with review questions, without the warm-up about family, child can resist or close down, become apprehensive. This whole booklet, looking at characteristics, observing generational similarities, chatting with family, is non-threatening and practice for more complex questioning and conversing later. BTW: It’s also a great way to get your kids really talking with grandparents, and vice versa.”

That is exactly what we did! We highly recommend Nancy Larson’s 1st grade Science curriculum.

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The Life Stages of Human Beings Unit


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Nancy Larson Science 3… The box is here!

Don’t we ALL love when a box arrives at our door?  The crisp, slightly damp cardboard smell?  The impending surprise?  The wait… As Willy Wonka says, “I wish it would last!”

Y’all know that I’m a Nancy Larson Science user and lover.  My kids love it.  My checkbook loves it.  My time management loves it.  My inner OCD – like it all in one place – loves it.  You may watch my Youtubes about NLS on my channel at:

Well… this morning… it came!  JJ ran to the door like he was greeting Our Lord!  Don’t be fooled by the list price.  What you get is SO worth it.  ALL IN ONE BOX PEOPLE!  Web access to teacher helps and kid extras!


Science 3


Scroll down the NLS 3 page and click on “Table of Contents.”  WOW!  Am I going to learn that all next year, too?


Science… check!