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Adding Something New to Your Homeschool After the Year has Started!

Kris at BookWishes goes through the same concern that all homeschool parents have. “Do I have everything I need for year? Or is it too late to add and alter my plans?” Here’s her story:

addingnewAfter I have started homeschooling for the year and I have everything in place for each child for their first semester, I always write everything down and evaluate if I want to add anything else to our curriculum. Sometimes, I couldn’t purchase everything at the first of the year that I wanted (OH that DARN evil Budget!). I have to save more money for items I would like for our family or for an individual child throughout the year.

Therefore, the question then arises, “Can I add more educational courses throughout the year?” My answer, of course, is that there is never a bad time to add something fun for the family or for an individual child.

Maybe a book or program just is not working or you or your child don’t like it. Maybe, you find that your child needs more because they just want more. I am a firm believer, as a home educator, that you do not want to pack your children’s day with a ton of stuff. They need time for interests and other things. We use the Charlotte Mason method to homeschool and I always want extra time for interests.

This year I waited on some items for my children until we really got into our homeschool year groove. This is the point when the dust settles and you are evaluating whether you took on too much or too little.

This year I waited for on our science curriculum for three of my children. Recently, we added Nancy Larson Science for my children ages 7, 9, and 11. My children are so excited to add Nancy Larson Science to their homeschooling week! I love Nancy Larson Science because it is so easy to add in. The lessons are all mapped out for you as a parent. Nancy Larson Science fits right in with our family.

Why I Like Nancy Larson Science

April is curriculum review month on, where they kicked the month off with this review by Marci of The Homeschool Scientist.

by contributing writer Marci

nancy larson science kit

Last year, at the 2:1 Conference, I was blessed to meet Madon from Nancy Larson Science. Since I had just launched The Homeschool Scientist, I was excited to learn about a science curriculum that I was unfamiliar with. Little did I know that our conversations that weekend would lead to a school year’s worth of science fun with my son!

As a homeschool science blogger and science geek, I see lots of science curricula. There are plenty of great choices out there. Many have terrific content, great experiments and projects. Choosing one can be very difficult. I chose Nancy Larson Science 1 for my son because its benefits reached beyond the science content.  Read the complete story at the link.

Why I like Nancy Larson Science

What’s That Noise? What’s That Creature?

Are your trees humming or buzzing at sunset? Do you see strange alien-looking creatures stuck to the tree trunks? It’s cicada time again. Jolanthe, in Virginia, took this amazing photo of a cicada, which had just emerged from its exoskeleton.

Thought you might enjoy this picture of a cicada we saw this past weekend. The kids were collecting all of the shells they were finding and were sticking them to their shirts and walking around. - Jolanthe

Learn more about cicadas from National Geographic. If you are using Nancy Larson® Science 1, this is a good time to pull out your resource book Familiar Insects and Spiders. Page 64 has information about the cicada with a photo on the facing page.

Letter to Ben in Oklahoma

Dear Ben,

Thank you so much for checking on us. We are just fine and have been working with Nancy on Science 4. We added a few more of our photos for you and will try to add more soon.
Your friends,
Daisy and Maisy

Recently Ben’s mother called Nancy Larson Publishers’ office with a question: “Are Daisy and Maisy okay?” It seems young Ben hadn’t seen any new photos of our science cats and was concerned that something had happened to them.
When I was in Connecticut mid-July, Nancy told me about the call and Ben’s concern. “Please take some new photos of Daisy and Maisy so we can show Ben they are fine.”
So dear Ben in Oklahoma, enjoy new photos of Daisy and Maisy and I’ll try to share more soon.

Changing Leaves for Emily

Changing Leaves

A very sweet note came the other day from Emily, who’s six. Here’s her question:

Do leaves change from green to orange or yellow all at once?

Sometimes the best way to learn is to just stop and look. Since Emily isn’t here to look with me, here’s what I want her to see.

This tree has a green and orange look. But when we stand closer, we see this.


This tree seems to have been dipped in pink. Standing close to the trunk, we see these leaves.
Then we see some very colorful branches among the green. Moving out a little, we see both the green and pink.


From thirty feet away, this tree is green and yellow. But up close, it’s more green and pink.
Here’s the same tree one week later. See how the colors have changed.


This tree looks green with some yellow. Up close we see each branch has leaves with many wonderful colors.


How would you answer Emily’s question?

When you draw a tree in autumn, what colors would you use?

You can print the drawings of a tree and leaf below. Color the leaves to show a tree in autumn.

 Click on this link to get the Tree and Leaf to color